Betfair World Cup Odds: Why you should consider them

Betfair is among the top betting exchanges and sportsbooks in the the industry, especially when it comes to betting on football. Betfair offer a decent selection of markets and have a very simple app/website, they are one of the most accessible sportsbooks. Could they be your book for the World Cup?

Betfair World Cup odds

When it comes to market selection Betfair have a much smaller pool of options in comparison to their competitors, but you can still find something that suits you. For some bettors, less is more- Betfair may not have all the bells and whistles but they still serve a purpose in the market. Simplicity. Here are the markets available in the build up to the World Cup.

Full-time result

The most simple bet of them all, the full-time result bet or the moneyline bet as you folks across the pond know it. This bet consists of choosing either side to win or a draw. These can be combined to create an accumulator bet, which is very popular as it can bring some massive profits. Here is an example of the Betfair World Cup odds in the moneyline department:

ft result betfair

Both teams to score

Betfair also offers both teams to score betting, this gives you the chance to bet on if you think both teams will score or not and when. These can also be combined with others to create an accumulator. The Betfair World Cup odds can be phenomenal for both teams to score.

  • Both teams to score- yes or no?
  • Match result and both teams to score- yes/no?
  • Both teams to score in both halves- yes or no?
  • Both teams to score in the first half- yes or no?
  • Both teams to score in the second half- yes or no?
  • Both teams to score 2+ goals-  yes or no?
btts betfair


The over/under market is a very popular option among bettors, they are also known as totals bets because you are given a theoretical total and you are tasked with choosing whether you think the total will be over or under. Betfair offer this in a few different ways:

  • Over/Under up to 9.5 goals
  • Over/Under and match result
  • Second half over/under

Here are how the Betfair World Cup odds in the over/under market look for England’s opener vs Iran.

over under betfair
over under
over under

Double chance

The double chance market is a brilliant alternative to the moneyline market because, instead of choosing one of three options, you cover two of three. If you fancy the underdog, this is a great option. Because if they get close and the game ends up resulting in a draw- you’ll still win! The odds are slightly weaker of course, but there is still room for some fantastic profit margins.

Double chance odds can also be combined in accumulators.

double chance betfair

Correct Score

Correct score betting is one of the tougher markets offered by Betfair. It is very difficult choosing a correct score as there are so many factors that go into a game and many score scenarios. Betfair offers plenty of options and even allows you to bet on the half-time correct score. When the World Cup begins, we at TVG will be providing expert score predictions in our match previews. Keep your eye out for these!

correct score betfair

Handicap Match Result

Handicap match result betting is another popular market offered by our friends at Betfair. This is a very unique market, you can add a handicap to weaken or strengthen either side by up to two goals on the Betfair website. Handicaps are usually used to strengthen the underdog or weaken the favourite. It wouldn’t make much sense to back the favourite in a handicap.

handicap betfair

Double Result

Double result betting consists of betting on the winner of both the first and second half. This can be very difficult to predict, but depending on your choices, it can produce some fantastic money making opportunities. The Betfair World Cup odds for England’s opener are below:

double result betfair

Outright Betting

Betfair offer an extensive outright betting market for the World Cup, you can bet on things such as:

  • Tournament winner
  • Group winners
  • To reach the final
  • To reach quarter/semi final
  • To qualify from group stages

And even individual awards such as:

  • Golden glove
  • Golden ball
  • Golden boot

We have an entire page dedicated to all things World Cup outright betting, check it out for more information on each market.

While this current selection of markets is solid, Betfair keeps adding new markets to the list of offerings.

The World Cup is almost here and as we get closer to that fabled start date, we at TVG will be producing more and more guides to give you the best possible chance when betting. Stay tuned with us to stay in the World Cup betting loop.

While this current selection of markets is solid, and Betfair keeps adding new markets to the list of offerings, if you are on the lookout for more exotic markets, you should visit the Betfair sportsbook, which operates like a traditional sportsbook next to the popular exchange.

Betfair World Cup betting highlights

Besides being one of the top sportsbooks, Betfair is also one of the most well-known traditional operators in Europe. This company was the first to offer a betting app to its customers. Betfair also offers live casino games, a poker room and a wide array of virtual sports for punters to bet on.

  • Live Betting Service: Betfair offers a fantastic live betting service that is constantly updated with in-game events to provide the best odds for customers.
  • Reputation– Betfair are a sportsbook that have been around for years and have an excellent reputation in the industry. Your information will be securely encrypted to ensure that you’re always safe when betting.
  • Useful features- Betfair offer their own tips and previews within the site as well as an education hub to teach you about the site and betting in general.
  • Dedicated Promotions Page- You can stay up to date with all promos and bonuses with their dedicated promotional page, this means you will never miss out on a bonus!
  • Great Software- Betfaur have an in-house software team who work tirelessly to ensure that your experience is great. There is rarely issues with the speed and functionality of the app and website.
  • Live cash out feature- Some Betfair World Cup odds will give you live cash out options that can make you feel in control. You can pull an early profit or reduce a loss. This is only available on select markets.
  • England specific odds- Betfair will be offering England specific odds boosts and markets that other sportsbooks and betting sites will not offer.

Betfair is simple but very effective and should definitely be considered as your World Cup betting app.


Q: Are there Betfair World Cup odds?
A: Yes! Betfair offers a vast array of World Cup odds for you to make money on.

Q: When does the World Cup start?
A: The World Cup begins on Sunday the 20th of November and concludes on December 18th. There will be fresh Betfair World Cup odds throughout the entire competition.

Q: When Will Betfair World Cup odds be updated?
A: The Betfair World Cup odds will be updated when the squads are announced and throughout the tournament. During matches, the live market will update every single second!

Q: Are their outright odds on Betfair?
A: Yes! You will find plenty of outright odds for the World Cup at Betfair. Check out our dedicated pages!