How to make use of World Cup betting sites this winter

There is no more significant event in sports betting than the World Cup, as the entire planet is locked in for this tournament for those 64 matches. Bookmakers are offering promotions, boosted odds, and free bets across the board. We decided to put together this list of the top betting sites offering the best world cup betting experience.

World Cup Betting Sites

In just a couple of months’ time, the first match of the World Cup will be kicking off. Until then, the excitement and anticipation will continue to build, not only for the sport itself, but for the fantastic World Cup betting sites’ opportunities that come with it.

Around any major sporting event, the sportsbooks will take full advantage and pump out promotions upon promotions upon promotions. Some of which offer fantastic value and could potentially win you some great returns!

By far, the most valuable promotions to keep your eye out for are deposit match offers, free bets and odds boosts. Each one has its own pros and offers something unique.

Deposit Match Offers

Deposit match offers are very simple and usually occur on sign up to a given sports book. All they ask of you is to sign up and make a deposit into your account. They will match however much you deposit in free bet credits.

The only catch is that the free bet credits sometimes have play through requirements. Meaning you’ll need to wager the bet credits usually up to five times before it becomes withdrawable cash.

Most sportsbooks tend to have a play through requirement of just one, but make sure you read the fine print before depositing any hard-earned cash!

Free Bets

Free bets are exactly what they say on the tin. They are the simplest bonus that a sportsbook offers.

The two most common ways to receive free bets is upon sign up and after hitting certain deposit milestones. Some sportsbooks will reward you with free bets as often as weekly, if you hit the deposit goal. Which is usually between £25 and £50.

The catch with a lot of free bets is that you won’t receive the stake back on winnings, which will force you to bet on higher odds to make good returns. For example:

  • If you used a £50 free bet on a 1/3 odd, and it won, you will only receive £16.65.

This means you can’t play it safe and take home the £50 easily. But there is still great opportunity to make money, check out our match previews during the World Cup for expert picks from some great World Cup betting sites.

Odds Boosts

Odds boosts are very common and offered on almost every match from some sportsbooks. World Cup betting sites will likely boost odds on every game that’s played.

The way this works is the World Cup betting site will choose a market and slightly boost the odds to make them more desirable.

For example:

  • Kylian Mbappé to have a shot on target. Was 1/8 now 1/1.

The catch with odds boosts is that sometimes the more lucrative offers have stake limits.

Keep an eye out for daily odds boosts, acca boosts and any other boosts offered during World Cup season, you could find some cracking money making opportunities.

Other Offers

Another offer you will see featured on many World Cup betting sides is early payouts. Bet365 are known for their early payout system. On moneyline bets, if the team you’ve backed takes the lead by a certain number of goals then the bet will pay out, regardless of the final result.

Many World Cup betting sites will offer free live bets if you place a pre-match wager. Make sure to follow the event live to maximise the value you can get out of these promos. This will often occur for the bigger matches, such as England vs Wales.

Register to several World Cup betting sites

We always recommend registering on multiple sites, so you can take advantage of many welcome bonuses and never miss out on any boosts that sites offer.

The process can be different for each site, check out our World Cup betting sites review section to learn how to register and how to claim all of those juicy bonuses!

Best markets offered for World Cup betting

There are a plethora of markets to bet on during World Cup season, some are much more popular than others and for good reason! A few things come into play when deciding which markets to play, the money making aspect, the fun aspect and the simplicity.

A novice bettor looking to place a few bets will gravitate toward the simpler markets. Around the World Cup, betting sites’ registrations will soar as many people love to bet on the competition and claim the bonuses offered.

There are already World Cup odds available on many betting sites, including 888sport and bet365. These odds will be fluctuating from now, all the way until the competition starts. We will likely see fluctuation when the final squads are announced as squad selection can make a massive impact.

If a World Cup betting site is offering an appealing selection, jump on it. Because it will most likely change as we get closer and closer to November.

Three-way sides betting

Three-way sides betting is by far the most popular market to bet on, receiving an overwhelming portion of total bets.

It’s a pretty simple market to understand too, it’s essentially a double chance moneyline bet. You can bet on either side to win the game or the match to end in a draw, with one odd and and one stake.

For example:

This market offers you less risk than a simple moneyline and is very appealing to novice bettors or people with a lack of knowledge on the sport of football.


Another massively popular market that World Cup betting sides will be offering is totals. Total bets rely on the bettor picking how many goals they think will be scored in total, during a given match.

Total bets are very popular again to novice football fans who have less knowledge as you can often win with a shot in the dark on the lower odds.

Some bookmakers offer promotions and bonuses for goalless matches. Bet365 refer to these games as ‘bore draws’ and sometimes will return your stake if the game ends 0-0. This will only occur if you see the ‘bore draw’ indicator on the ticket.

Outright betting

Outright betting is another massively popular market, there’s something about outrights that are just so fun and engaging to play.

Some examples of outright markets you can bet on are:

  • Winner of group
  • Winner of World Cup
  • Winner of Golden Boot award

There are many many more as well, most World Cup betting sites have extensive outright markets and we have a page dedicated to purely the outright side of World Cup betting. Check it out for more information and strategy!

It doesn’t end here…

As we get closer and closer to the World Cup’s beginning, we will see more and more markets introduced to the World Cup betting sites. Particularly, the matches sections.

The smaller prop markets will start rolling out after we have confirmation of squad selection. You can then begin getting on goalscorers, bookings, tackles and much more. We will be seeing these very soon, so don’t forget to keep checking the World Cup betting sites!

Even throughout the tournament, more markets will be introduced. The knockout stages of the competition allow for some fabulous opportunities for both fun and profit.

Hopefully this guide has given you some more confidence to sign up and get started with World Cup betting! Stay up to date with all things betting and all things sport right here at TVG.

We will be producing extensive World Cup guides and previews for every single game! Don’t miss out…


Q: Which World Cup betting sites should I use?
The World Cup betting sites we recommend the most are bet365, 888sport and UniBet!

Q: How many World Cup betting sites are available?
Too many to count! There are plenty of legal World Cup betting sites available.

Q. When does the World Cup start?
The World Cup kicks off on Sunday the 20th of November.

Q: Who do England face in the World Cup?
England’s confirmed World Cup opponents are:

  • Iran
  • United States of America
  • Wales

Q: What is the best World Cup betting site?
Bet365, 888Sport and UniBet are among the best World Cup betting sites. But there are plenty more options available!