Ladbrokes World Cup Odds: Full guide to British betting brand

Ladbrokes is one of the most trusted brands in the world of sports betting, with the British company having a history dating back as long as almost anyone in the business.

With Ladbrokes being particularly strong when it comes to football betting, a lot of fans of the beautiful game will be heading to its online sportsbook in order to check out Ladbrokes World Cup odds.

With Qatar 2022 now just around the corner, Ladbrokes World Cup odds will be in high demand for sure.

While many leagues, cups and competitions are available to bet on at Ladbrokes, the site’s Qatar 2022 betting odds are going to attract more people than ever before to take a look at the sportsbook.

Our full guide to Ladbrokes World Cup odds has everything that you need to know, so read on for more.

Ladbrokes World Cup odds

Ladbrokes World Cup odds are certainly some of the best around. Testing has found that the Ladbrokes World Cup odds are consistently up there with the top value in the sports betting business.

With not long to go until the big kick-off at Qatar 2022, more and more football fans will be checking out the Ladbrokes World Cup odds to see what types of bets are up for grabs ahead of the competition.

More World Cup betting odds at Ladbrokes are sure to be released in the build up to Qatar 2022 as well, while once the action is up and running there will be plenty more choice for customers to check out too.

During the tournament, Ladbrokes World Cup odds are likely to change regularly as money flows into the different markets, so it could pay off to look at them on a regular basis to try to find the best value.

Here are the main Ladbrokes World Cup odds options currently available leading up to the tournament:

Match Betting

Simple and straightforward, bettors just predict the outcome of the game.


Over/Under Total Goals

The number of goals to be scored in a match is a very popular pick.

Both Teams To Score

Many football fans like to bet either on or against both teams scoring.


Correct score

Famously hard to call correctly, nailing the correct score can be very lucrative.


First half correct score

It is also possible at Ladbrokes to guess the score at the half-time break.

Half Time / Full Time

Guessing the HT and FT result is the name of the game in this market.

Results after 15, 30, 60, 75 minutes

It is also possible to predict the outcome through the game.


Double Chance

For those wanting to side with the underdog, this covers both the win and draw.

Draw No Bet

Similar to double chance in a way, a draw renders any DNB wager null and void.


To Win To Nil

Teams that are strong defensively are a good option for this Ladbrokes market.

Total Goals

Football fans who can guess how many goals can be scored might profit here.


Total Goals Exact

A tweak to the above total goals option, Ladbrokes offers a similar option.

Handicap Results

With some World Cup games one-sided, the handicap market adds value.

Team Totals

This market is just the total goals market but for each of the two different teams.

Win both Halves

For games expected to be one-sided, this can be a good way to increase odds.

Win Either Half

Sides need to score more goals than their opponent in both halves to win here.

Goal To Be Scored

This market sees Ladbrokes users asked to predict when a goal will be scored.

Away Team No Bet

This is a tweak to the draw no bet market above, but for the away side only.

Home Team No Bet

Similar to the above, but this is for the home team with no draw option.

Win From Behind

For this Ladbrokes bet to win, the victor has to concede first but then win.

Outright Betting

As well as Ladbrokes World Cup odds for each game, overall bets are offered.

Outright Winner

Among them is a market for the team that will be lifting the World Cup trophy.


Top Goalscorer

The Golden Boot is highly coveted, and this market covers which player gets it.


Group Winner

As well as the tournament winner, it is possible to bet on each group’s winner.


As there is still a bit of time to go until the start of Qatar 2022, more Ladbrokes World Cup odds can be expected to be released in the coming weeks as the big kick off gets closer by the day.

This will include both pre-match markets for individual World Cup games and an influx of extra outright markets, so football fans should check the Ladbrokes World Cup odds on a regular basis.

It is also likely that there will be a special promotion from this British betting brand for the World Cup.

However, cards are being kept close to the chest of Ladbrokes even though football fans around the world are keenly waiting to see what special World Cup bets and deals could be on the table this year.

Special Ladbrokes World Cup odds such as enhanced price boosts could be up for grabs as well, while it is quite possible that there will be free bets to use on the Ladbrokes World Cup odds available to claim too.

This British betting behemoth is sure to be a very popular option for the Qatar 2022 World Cup this year. The historic betting brand is very trustworthy and it has a history dating back many decades as well.

So what are some of the top highlights of choosing Ladbrokes World Cup odds? Let’s take a closer look.

Ladbrokes World Cup betting highlights

Ladbrokes has long been considered to be one of the best British betting brands around, with the company having a very strong reputation in the UK’s online gambling industry.

A solid betting blog is available to read and a lot of customers like to check out the latest things to be published on those pages in advance of browsing through the various Ladbrokes World Cup odds.

Indeed, the choice of Ladbrokes betting odds for the World Cup is vast. It is fair to say that the selection of Ladbrokes World Cup odds is competitive compared to any other major betting brand out there.

As well as the sportsbook, the Ladbrokes casino offers live games such as roulette and blackjack. Football fans looking for a break in the Qatar 2022 action are also able to check out poker and bingo options.

Various free-to-play games can be found at Ladbrokes too, with the cashier open for the use of a lot of different deposit and withdrawal methods to fund wagers or take winnings out of an account here.

With mobile betting sure to continue growing in popularity for Qatar 2022, the fact that Ladbrokes has both iOS and Android apps available for customers to download is another big tick in the box.

While Ladbrokes World Cup odds will be in demand over the course of the tournament, sports lovers can also check out a dedicated events calendar on the Ladbrokes site to see what else is coming up soon.


Which markets have good Ladbrokes World Cup odds?
Ladbrokes World Cup odds are typically very good, but some of the best Ladbrokes World Cup betting odds are for the top goalscorer market, in which customers pick which player will win the Golden Boot.

Are Ladbrokes World Cup odds good value?
Yes, with this British betting brand known for providing excellent value with its football betting prices, Ladbrokes World Cup odds are assured to be good value both before and during Qatar 2022.

Are Ladbrokes World Cup odds safe and legal?
As the company is licensed by the Gambling Commission, Ladbrokes World Cup odds are legal to use, while the British betting brand’s long history means that it is considered a safe bookmaker as well.