Paddy Power World Cup Odds

When it comes to market selections, Paddy Power has plentiful options. Here are all the markets offered to us in the build-up to the World Cup.

Match Odds (game winner)

This is easily the most basic bet, this is just choosing whether you think the game will result in win, lose or draw. This is an ideal market for new bettors and those new to football. They can also be combined with other selections to create an accumulator, which are very popular. Here is an example of what full-time result betting looks like on Paddy Power.

match odds pp

Over/Under bets or Totals

Over and under is a very popular betting market on Paddy Power. How it works is you choose whether you think the total of something in the game, usually goals, will be over or under an amount. Paddy Power’s section looks like thai for England vs Iran.

over under bets pp

Correct score

Correct score betting is a potentially very lucrative avenue. You simply choose what you think the score will be, the correct score Paddy Power World Cup odds look quite strong. The odds for England vs Iran correct score are below:

correct score pp

Full time result and both teams to score

Full time result and both teams to score is a very popular betting type when combined with others in an accumulator. Choosing whether or not both teams will score or not will have a significant impact on the odds. Making this choice in a five fold accumulator will usually lead to at least 30/1 odds. The Paddy Power World Cup odds are very enticing for this.

Both teams to score

If you’re unsure of the result but just have an inkling that both teams will score or not, you can bet on it without the result involved. This can also be combined in accumulators on Paddy Power and can make for some great returns.

btts pp

Handicap betting

Handicap betting is a very interesting betting type. The stronger team will be handicapped so they need to score more goals to win and if they do and you’ve backed- you will win.

Double Result

Double result betting consists of betting on the result of both the first and second half or first half and overall match winner. This can be very difficult to predict, but depending on your choices, it can produce some fantastic money making opportunities.

htft pp

Double Chance

Double chance is the same concept as a full-time result bet. Instead of choosing one result, you choose two. The odds will be slightly worse but the chance of winning is much higher, doubled! These can also be combined with full time result bets and others to create accumulators. Here’s how the Paddy Power World Cup odds in the double chance market look.

double chance pp

Alternative Totals

Alternative totals, is a totals bet where you can choose the line, rather than the sportsbook’s set line. This is highly popular.

Half betting

Half  betting is simply betting on things you think will happen in each half. It’s a massive market, you can bet on the correct half-time score, result, goal scorer. There are plenty of options. One of the most popular is betting on teams to score in both halves and even players to score in both halves.

over under pp

Alternative Handicaps

Alternative handicaps have the same concept as alternative totals. Instead of backing the Paddy Power set handicap, you can set your own to create more lucrative or even more safe odds. It gives the bettor a sense of freedom and control.

Winning Margin

You can also bet on how many goals you think a team will win by or whether they’ll win t nil’. This can be an interesting betting type, especially during the game. If a team takes an early 2-0 lead, a four goal margin will have significantly lower odds compared to before.

Draw no bet

Draw no bet is an alternative to a double chance bet. In a sense, you still have a double chance but you’re all in on one team and you will receive only your stake back if the game ends in a draw. This offers slightly more appealing odds than a double chance.

Outright betting

Paddy Power offer an extensive outright betting market for the World Cup, you can bet on things such as:

  • Tournament winner
  • Group winners
  • To reach the final
  • To reach quarter/semi final
  • To qualify from group stages

And even individual awards such as:

  • Golden glove
  • Golden ball
  • Golden boot

We have an entire page dedicated to the World Cup outright betting markets, we take you through each outright avenue and give our picks. The odds used on this page were courtesy of Paddy Power as they have the biggest World Cup market.

Paddy Power is not stopping here either, they continue to add new markets to the list of offerings. We would be on the lookout for a World Cup-focused promotion as well, as we are sure that the betting giant has something in store for us.

The World Cup is just around the corner and before you swing some bets in, make sure you’re fully equipped by checking out more of our guides. We spend countless hours researching sportsbooks and football to find you the best possible betting opportunities.

Paddy Power World Cup betting highlights

Besides being one of the top sportsbooks, Paddy Power is also one of the most innovative operators in Europe. This industry-leading bookmaker was among the first to introduce a dedicated football stats page & Paddy’s Rewards, where punters get weekly rewards in form of free bets.

The Beat The Drop game is also a popular promotion among sports bettors where the company gives out £5,000 every week for their sharpest sports bettors.

  • Live Betting Service: Paddy Power offers a top of the range live betting service. They keep you in the action at all times.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: Paddy Power have one of the best bonus schemes around, they have a brilliant VIP program which brings plenty of rewards. They know how to treat their customers!
  • Software- Paddy Power have an in-house software team that understands the needs of the bettor fantastically. Their website and app is very smooth running and easy to use.
  • Useful features- Paddy Power have some very useful features such as a store locator, betting calculator, stats pages and betting rules page. They offer excellent information to make new bettors feel at home.
  • England specific promotions– Paddy Power offer some fantastic England specific promotions and bonuses that you won’t see anywhere else.


Q: Are there Paddy Power World Cup odds?
A: Yes! Paddy Power offers a vast array of World Cup odds for you to make money on.

Q: When does the World Cup start?
A: The World Cup begins on Sunday the 20th of November and concludes on December 18th. There will be fresh Paddy Power World Cup odds throughout the entire competition.

Q: When Will Paddy Power World Cup odds be updated?
A: The Paddy Power World Cup odds will be updated when the squads are announced and throughout the tournament. During matches, the live market will update every single second!