Football Betting Sites

Football is the biggest sport in the world and is the most beloved sport in the UK. Pretty much everyone follows football in the UK, with plenty of these people also betting on football. We’re here to take you through some of the markets, from basics to more advanced stuff, including the best football betting sites.

Best Football Betting Sites

Football betting market types

There are plenty of football sport betting market types. The first we’d like to discuss is:

Moneyline football betting

Moneyline betting is the most basic bet available in football and sport in general. In football, we have a three-way money line based on the three potential outcomes of a 90-minute match- win, lose or draw. There are ways to make these bets have more weight but sometimes you just can’t beat a moneyline bet.

Double chance betting

double chance betting

Double chance betting is a betting strategy that eliminates a lot of the risk of a moneyline bet, instead of picking one outcome, you pick two- leaving a 33.3% chance of losing as opposed to a 66.6% chance.

The odds will be lower overall, so you’ll need to win a higher percentage of your bets to stay profitable. Some sportsbooks even do these odds for you, so you don’t have to place two separate bets.

Betting on goals scored

Bettors love action and love betting on goals. We all want to see high scoring games in football so why not tempt fate by placing a bet on it happening? You can bet over/under a set total, and you can bet on how many goals you think each team will score individually. 

Sometimes the under bet is undervalued, if you focus on teams that are strong defensively you may be able to win some bets from the under.

Betting on half-time and full-time result

One of the most popular types of football sport betting is half-time and full-time bets. You can choose any variations of results, for example you could have:

You can anticipate how you think teams will grow into the game and predict whether they’ll drop off or continue pushing throughout the game.

Correct score betting

correct score betting

Correct score betting is another very popular betting type, who doesn’t love predicting the score? They have very high odds and can bring great returns, but the chance of winning is so slim. It is much safer to stick with results betting or over/under, but there is no harm in throwing some longshots every now and then- with low stakes.

Betting on corners

Betting on corners is another bet type that you can master quickly if you do the right research beforehand. Looking into the team’s defensive and attacking stats is key, if you’re looking at a dominant side like Manchester City playing against a struggling side like Bournemouth, then it’s clear that City will probably have the most corners. This season, the sides have already met, and City had 11 corners, while Bournemouth had just one.

Another key factor is the weather, it can play a part in how teams play and how often they can get into corner winning positions.

Betting on bookings

bet on bookings

You can bet on which players you think will be booked, or how many bookings the teams will get overall. When betting on the overall amount, the bookings are scored in ‘booking points’.

Here is an example of what a bookings bet may look like in the world of football sport betting:

The number of bookings is totally dependent on league, referee and overall stakes. It’s common for high stakes games to have more booking points. Make sure to check what weight the game holds, the history of the fixture and the history of the referee.

Football sport betting strategies

Betting on football can be a lot simpler and easier than it seems, if you have strategy. Let’s take you through some of the most important strategies that will help you to be successful and profitable when betting on football.

Stay Impartial!

Never be biased when it comes to sport betting, always stay impartial. Look at things objectively, sometimes you’ll have to back teams you hate – but it’s worth it when you see a profit.

Some of the cruellest defeats that can be had are when you bet on the team you support, and they lose. Not only have you watched your team lose, but you have also lost money. Keep your head screwed on and don’t make biased bets!

Use Statistics

Stats are your best friend in the world of sports betting, take advantage of the vast amounts of data that is recorded in the modern world. Instead of following your gut, make an educated guess using all of the information. You will see much better results!

Use Multiple Sportsbooks

Sportsbooks don’t all offer the same odds, so when football sport betting, make sure to be registered to more than one. You may just find a better price on a different site. Every pound counts!

Bet on favourites after an early goal

Manchester City and Liverpool will be favourites for pretty much every single game they play and the returns on them winning is usually quite poor. If one of these sides, or any favourite goes down 1-0 early, the odds will be boosted and usually they’ll end up turning it around.

Football Betting Sites

Upon conducting your own research, you will find a wide array of betting markets across a range of high quality football betting sites. But, our recommendations will help you find the best ones for you. Follow this space as we provide you with the best information on some of the best betting sites, including:

The above list of football betting sites have the largest selection of football betting markets. All of the above are easily accessible, providing the user with excellent site navigation, and stellar mobile applications. That’s not all, as these sites also offer regular bonus offers, as well as sign up offers to give you the best chance of winning.

Furthermore, these football betting sites will offer enhanced football odds for the best leagues, as well as solid parlay boosters. Note that we only recommend online football betting sites that offer in-play betting. You will even have the option to bet on throw-ins, free kicks, and cards on the go.

When it comes to your winnings, our preference is to recommend sites which offer cash-out and partial cash-out, as these will come in handy for all bettors at some point.


To summarise, we’d recommend picking one league to start with and focus on the most basic and easy to pick markets. Stick to just a couple of bets per weekend with low stakes, you don’t need to risk large quantities of your bankroll.

Never panic if your team is down – don’t immediately cash out for a massive loss. Sportsbooks push the cashouts very low after a team concedes a goal, don’t fall into the trap of an early cash out!


What is the best betting site for football?

The best betting site for football varies depending on individual preferences, but popular options in the UK include Bet365, William Hill, and Betfair.

What is the best football betting tips site?

There are several reputable football betting tips sites available, such as FootballTips, BettingExpert, and OLBG, where you can find valuable insights and predictions.

How do football betting sites work?

Football betting sites allow users to place wagers on various football matches and events. They provide a platform where users can browse available markets, choose their desired bets, and stake money on the outcomes.

What should I look for when choosing a football betting site?

When choosing a football betting site, consider factors such as reputation, licensing, user experience, range of markets, competitive odds, promotions, customer support, and secure payment options.

Is it legal to bet on football online?

Yes, it is legal to bet on football online in the UK. However, it is important to use licensed and regulated betting sites to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

Are all football betting sites safe to use?

Not all football betting sites are safe to use. It’s crucial to select reputable and licensed operators that employ advanced security measures to protect user data and provide fair betting experiences.

Can I bet live on football games through these sites?

Yes, many football betting sites offer live betting options. This allows users to place bets during a football game, taking advantage of changing odds and match dynamics in real-time.

What kind of bets can I place on football games?

Football betting sites offer a wide range of bet types, including popular options like match winner, over/under goals, correct score, first goalscorer, and handicap betting. Additionally, you can often find more specific bets such as corners, bookings, and player props.