World Cup Odds

The World Cup, football’s most prestigious and elite competition. The event that makes the world stand still, in awe of what they’re seeing. It brings happiness, joy but also sadness and despair. Most importantly, it unites nations. It’s been a troubling four and a half years since the last World Cup and it’s fair to say- we’ve earned this one.

The competition began back in 1930 and was an instant favourite. It drew eyes from all over the world and has only gotten bigger with each passing decade. The gambling world loves it, the high volume of games and top quality players on display make it very popular. The host country makes plenty of money from the competition due to the influx  of tourists.

Basics and format

The 2022 World Cup is the last to hold 32 teams. As of 2026- the competition will hold 48 teams instead of the traditional 32.

The format of the World Cup is very simple. The 32 teams are split into 8 groups of four, with the best performing two from each group qualifying for the knockout phase. The teams then follow a knockout bracket until just one team stands as World Champion.

This year is the first year in which the World Cup is held in winter. Traditionally the World Cup is held in summer, many are unhappy that it’s been moved to winter but it had to be done to accommodate the extreme climates of Qatar. Instead of basking in the sun, watching the games from the beer garden, we’ll be wrapping up warm inside instead.

Betting on the World Cup

One of the highlights of the World Cup season is the vast amount of betting opportunities. World Cup odds are just fantastic. Every game is covered in great detail with extensive markets. Even games like Qatar vs Ecuador will have fantastic odds available.

Yes, of course, betting on the World Cup is completely legal in the UK. Whether it’s outright, or a smaller prop market- it is all 100% legitimate in the UK.

Which sportsbook is best for World Cup odds?

Choosing a sportsbook can be quite overwhelming, there are a lot of options- particularly around the World Cup. The sportsbooks pump out welcome bonuses in an effort to get punters through the door.

Before you make your choice, we have a couple of recommendations.

Bet365 World Cup Odds

Bet365 are one of the most reputable sportsbooks around. They have been running since the year 2000 and were founded in the UK.

At the current moment, their World Cup odds section offers outrights and odds for all matches up to the 24th November. Some of the most notable outrights they offer are:

  • Team to win World Cup outright
  • Top scorer
  • To reach finals/semis/quarters
  • Group qualification (yes/no)
  • To make finals squad

As for the matches, the odds are not as in depth as a Premier League game but this will only come with time. As we get closer to the competition, we will see more markets introduced.

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Why bet on World Cup odds?

The World Cup is the epitome of why football is the most watched sport on the planet. Its a festival, everyone stops what they’re doing to watch.

This is why it’s one of the most fun events to bet on, as long as you’re responsible and only betting what you can afford to lose then it’s only positive! The pure joy of watching your country win while winning some cash at the same time. It’s an unmatched feeling.

The World Cup is full of shock results too, the teams don’t train together consistently like a Premier League team which makes for some very entertaining action.

Another reason to bet on the World Cup is the vast amounts of promotions and bonuses on offer. World Cup free bets will be coming thick and fast from sportsbooks and you don’t want to miss out.

What World Cup odds should I back?

As previously discussed there are a lot of World Cup odds and markets to choose from. Unless you’re firing a long shot, we wouldn’t recommend placing any bets until closer to the time.

The good news is, TVSportGuide will be covering almost every single market. We will give all expert advice and plenty of background research on each market. Whether it’s top scorer, outright winner- or even the result of Qatar vs Netherlands!

Stay tuned with TVSportGuide and as we get closer to the World Cup’s start, we will release more and more betting guides to keep you in the loop.

Most successful teams and most famous players

When looking at the World Cup odds, you won’t be surprised to see some familiar names and countries at the top. The most successful countries in the history of the World Cup are:

  • Brazil- 5 wins
  • Germany- 4 wins
  • Italy- 4 wins
  • Uruguay- 2 wins
  • Argentina- 2 wins
  • France- 2 wins

All of these sides will be present and competing aside from Italy. Shockingly the Italians failed to qualify after being defeated by North Macedonia- less than a year after winning Euro 2020 at Wembley! This was by far the biggest shock of qualifying. The Italians also failed to qualify in 2018, stretching their absence to almost a decade.

The rest of the pack will be up for it, the World Cup odds for these sides are as follows:

  • Brazil- 5/1 (overall favourites)
  • France- 11/2
  • Argentina- 13/2
  • Germany- 9/1
  • Uruguay- 45/1

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Brazil are statistically the greatest side to grace the competition and they are heavily tipped to win their 6th crown. They have a star studded team, with a lot of depth. One of the best looking Brazilian sides since they last won the World Cup back in 2002.

Neymar will be looking to write himself into the Brazilian history books, he has the chance to overtake Pelé as Brazil’s all time top scorer, just three goals separate the two. The impact Pelé had was phenomenal, he was instrumental in three of Brazil’s World Cup triumphs.

Uruguay may be an outside pick, at 45/1 there could be some serious money made. With the valuable experience of players such as Edinson Cavani and Luis Suarez, along with Liverpool record signing Darwin Nunez, they will be a dangerous side going forward. They may be lacking in some areas of the pitch with less proven international players, but they are definitely worth keeping a close eye on.

The stakes are high in international football, the heat can certainly show- especially if certain teams draw one another. Here are some rivalries to look out for over the course of the four weeks:

  • Mexico vs USA
  • Netherlands vs Germany
  • England vs Germany
  • England vs USA
  • Spain vs Portugal
  • Brazil vs Argentina
  • England vs Wales

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We are already guaranteed to see both England vs USA and England vs Wales in the group stages. The atmosphere over in Qatar will be electric for these fixtures, the English fans are very passionate and bring energy everywhere they go.

The games will be very competitive, both the USA and Wales have vendettas against England- they’ll play the whole 90 minutes with a chip on their shoulders. They’ll both be great watches.


What are the odds of winning the World Cup?

The World Cup odds for an outright victory vary with each team. The favourites, Brazil are 5/1 to win, England are 13/2 and the host nation Qatar’s World Cup odds are 350/1!

How to bet on the World Cup?

Betting on the World Cup is very simple, if you’ve placed a bet before- it’s just like betting on any other sport.  To make things easier, we’ll break it down into five simple steps:
Select a sportsbook and download their app. (We recommend Bet365888Sport and UniBet)
Register for chosen sportsbook.
Deposit funds into your account.
Then select which tournament or league you want to bet on.
When you have chosen the match you want to bet on, you click on the match in question and then choose which market/outcome you want to bet on and then place the bet.