World Cup Betting Apps

Mobile betting keeps getting more popular. Indeed, betting via mobile apps is almost the norm these days, with most sports fans wanting the opportunity to place wagers wherever they are at that time.

World Cup betting apps for iOS and Android are therefore sure to be in high demand during 2022.

With the Qatar tournament now just around the corner, fans of the beautiful game are sure to be downloading a lot of new World Cup betting apps on to devices like their smartphones and tablets.

Using World Cup betting apps can be ideal for those who plan to bet live in-play during all of the games. Assuming football fans are watching all of the matches at Qatar 2022 on a television, World Cup betting apps provide a second-screen experience with plenty of information such as key data and some statistics.

Special betting bonuses, deals, offers and promotions can be available on World Cup betting apps too. This could be to entice new users to download World Cup betting apps, or to convince existing customers of betting brands to get the apps on to their preferred handheld device in time for the tournament.

Most of the biggest and best online sports betting sites in the world already have mobile apps. However, they are likely to be rolling out important updates or even launching brand new World Cup betting apps over the course of the next few weeks. After all, time is ticking ahead of the big kick off in November.

Here, we break down everything you might need to know about World Cup betting apps, including which of them are the best to download on iOS and Android for a top mobile-first gambling experience.

The best World Cup betting apps for Qatar 2022

Our experts have thoroughly tested all of the sportsbook apps that are listed below. We have put together a list of the best World Cup betting apps for you to enjoy:

888Sport – Best overall World Cup betting app for Qatar 2022

888Sport App

Lots of options are in the running to be named the best overall World Cup betting app for Qatar 2022, but our pick is 888Sport.

While a lot of people might see 888 as being a casino brand first and foremost, the company is increasingly focused on sports betting, as can be seen from its mobile betting app.

Offered for both iOS and Android devices, the 888Sport betting app gives users access to the company’s full suite of products, which includes casino games like slots and even online bingo.

Not having to close down this World Cup betting app to try out a slot game is a big plus for a lot of people, as is the fact that some great betting bonuses are available from 888Sport right now too.

Due to the fact that the 888Sport betting app has ‘fingerprint’ touch ID, it is rapid to log in here as well.

Downloading the 888Sport app also allows people to enter the company’s free-to-play football predictor game Up for 8. Here, they can compete for £8k while plenty of free bets are up for grabs on the game.

Bet365 – Best iOS app experience for Qatar 2022

Bet365 App

is one of the biggest betting brands in the world, with its iOS betting app particularly good.

Claiming to be the world’s favourite online betting brand, Bet365 is extremely strong when it comes to live sports streaming.

While World Cup matches are not likely to be available to stream live on the iOS betting app from Bet365, users can tune in to as many as 200,000 live sports streams a year here.

Cash out and bet builder are a couple of the top tools at Bet365 that helps to make sure that this is the best iOS app experience for Qatar 2022.

Touch and Face ID can also be used so those with iOS devices can log in securely in a matter of seconds.

More than 130,000 users of the Bet365 iOS app have left reviews of it on the App Store, with an average rating of 4.7 stars out of five showing just how highly regarded this World Cup betting app is right now.

For those using iOS devices to bet on the World Cup this year, downloading the Bet365 app is a must.

Unibet – Best Android app experience for Qatar 2022

Unibet App

Having grown into one of the most important and influential betting brands in Europe in recent years, Unibet takes the honour for the best Android app experience for Qatar 2022.

Unibet offers live betting and streaming on over 40,000 events, although as is the case with the Bet365 app, it is not expected to be possible to live stream World Cup matches on the app unfortunately.

Customers who download the Unibet app for Android will get benefits such as access to Uniboosts, which provide a chance for users to improve the odds that they get for their bets.

As well as the World Cup, Unibet Android app users can bet on a huge array of football leagues, cups and competitions from the Premier League, Championship, Champions League and Europa League to European leagues like La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A.

Bet365 – Best welcome offer on mobile for Qatar 2022

Bet365 Offer

Bet365 normally has some of the best betting bonuses in the business and its welcome offer on mobile for Qatar 2022 ensures this is going to be the case this year too.

New customers who sign up for an account on the Bet365 mobile app are currently able to claim £50 in free bets when they sign up and place a qualifying wager of £10.

This is one of the best welcome packages of free bets from any betting brand in the world right now.

As Bet365 is a trusted betting brand with great benefits such as live streaming, those seeking to download World Cup betting apps have to consider going with this fantastic option.

William Hill – Best World Cup betting app for beginners for Qatar 2022

William Hill App

Some of the best World Cup betting apps are a bit complicated to use, but not William Hill’s.

Ease of use and a simple navigation system helps to ensure that the best World Cup betting app for beginners for Qatar 2022 comes from William Hill.

This trustworthy British betting brand has put a lot of work into ensuring that its World Cup betting app is as easy as possible to learn to use, even for those who have never bet via mobile before at all.

William Hill’s mobile betting app is absolutely a good place to start for mobile betting beginners.

Our favourite World Cup betting app features

  • App-only bonuses – Special betting bonuses, promotions and offers are typically launched by sports betting sites around key events such as the World Cup. In a bid to tempt customers into downloading their World Cup betting apps, some mobile-only deals might be available. This could be for new users who sign up for accounts on mobile apps, or for existing customers. Checking out our World Cup betting app reviews is a must to see if there is a promo code to use.
William Hill Offer
  • Unparalleled performance – Desktop sites and even mobile sites tend to work well enough, but the fastest way to place a wager is usually going to be on World Cup betting apps. This is particularly important for people who are planning to place live in-play World Cup bets. Even a small delay due to a web page loading slowly can mean a football fan misses out on a bet. Now is the perfect time to try out World Cup betting apps on devices such as smartphones.
  • Push notifications! – While it is possible to get push notifications on websites, they are always going to be fastest when sent directly to a smartphone from World Cup betting apps. All the latest news can be sent to your device from such apps, including all of the latest score updates.
Unibet Push Notifcations

World Cup betting apps FAQ 

What World Cup betting apps are available?

Various great World Cup betting apps are available ahead of Qatar 2022 starting this November. Among them are excellent World Cup betting apps from Bet365, 888Sport, Unibet and William Hill.

Which is the best World Cup betting app?

There is a lot of competition for the title of the best World Cup betting app, with each of them having their own list of pros and cons. But the 888Sport World Cup betting app is close to the full package.

Do World Cup betting apps have free bets?

Yes, many of the top World Cup betting apps for Qatar 2022 have free bets to claim, both for new users who sign up for an account and existing customers.