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Fighting on TV and Stream

In the dynamic world of combat sports, where fists meet finesse and strategy collides with strength, nothing quite captures the intensity like witnessing it unfold on our screens. From the pulsating atmosphere of the boxing ring to the electrifying octagon of MMA, fighting on TV has etched its place in our entertainment landscape. For UK viewers with a penchant for pugilism, the TV schedule has become a battleground of its own, offering a plethora of options to satiate their appetite for heart-pounding action.

In this page dedicated to fighting on TV, we delve into the enthralling realms of boxing and MMA, exploring how these captivating sports are taking over the airwaves and streaming platforms, ensuring that fans never miss a moment of the bone-crunching excitement. Whether you're a dedicated follower of the sweet science or a fervent fan of mixed martial arts, the UK's TV schedule has something spectacular in store for you. Keep track of this page to find out what fighting events are on TV tonight!

22 Sep

Fighting on TV Tomorrow, Friday


WWE Friday Night Smackdown

WWE · Bet365 Live odds Bet365

23 Sep

Fighting on TV Saturday


Live Boxing: Zhang v Joyce II

Boxing · Bet365 Live odds Bet365


UFC London Weigh-In Show-Aspinall v Tybura

MMA · Bet365 Live odds Bet365


Fight Night-Fiziev v Gamrot

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25 Sep

Fighting on TV Monday

26 Sep

Fighting on TV Tuesday

30 Sep

Fighting on TV Saturday


Caroline Dubois v Magali Rodriguez

Boxing · Bet365 Live odds Bet365

2 Oct

Fighting on TV Monday

6 Oct

Fighting on TV Friday


Fighting on TV Broadcasting

In the modern era, the global appeal of combat sports has reached unprecedented heights, and the proliferation of dedicated sports channels has transformed the way UK viewers engage with their favorite fighting competitions. With the advent of platforms like TNT Sports, Sky Sports, and more, fans are treated to an abundance of live action, bringing the adrenaline-pumping experience of fighting on TV right into their homes.

UFC Fight Night on TNT Sports

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has become synonymous with MMA excellence. TNT Sports has solidified its place as the UK's go-to channel for UFC enthusiasts, broadcasting thrilling UFC Fight Night events. With a roster of international stars and rising talents, UFC Fight Night delivers a high-octane blend of striking, grappling, and strategy. UK viewers can now savor every knockout, submission, and victory dance in real time, as TNT Sports brings the intensity of the octagon straight to their screens.

Boxing on Sky Sports

Boxing's enduring charm continues to capture hearts, and Sky Sports has embraced its legacy with gusto. From world title showdowns to heated grudge matches, Sky Sports broadcasts an array of boxing events that showcase the sweet science at its finest. Whether it's the heart-pounding rhythm of a heavyweight clash or the finesse of a technical bout, UK viewers can rely on Sky Sports to provide them with front-row seats to boxing's grand theater.

WWE on TNT Sports

Blurring the lines between sport and entertainment, WWE has carved out its own unique niche in the fighting on TV landscape. With theatrical storylines and jaw-dropping athleticism, WWE events are nothing short of spectacular. TNT Sports serves as the portal for UK viewers to witness the larger-than-life showdowns, as WWE Superstars battle it out in the ring, combining athleticism, drama, and sheer showmanship.

As the world of combat sports evolves, so does the availability of these exciting competitions on UK TV. Whether it's the raw power of UFC Fight Night on TNT Sports, the precision of boxing on Sky Sports, or the captivating theatrics of WWE on TNT Sports, there's no shortage of options for UK viewers to indulge their passion for fighting on TV. So, grab your remote and get ready for a ringside experience that's guaranteed to keep you at the edge of your seat.

Best Fighters on TV

The world of fighting on TV is adorned with a constellation of iconic athletes who have left an indelible mark on their respective disciplines. From the enthralling realm of MMA to the storied history of boxing and the captivating spectacle of wrestling, these athletes have become household names, captivating audiences with their skill, charisma, and sheer determination.

MMA Legends: Connor McGregor and Nate Diaz

Within the realm of MMA, certain individuals rise to the forefront, leaving an indelible mark on the sport. Among these legends are Connor McGregor and Nate Diaz, two fighters who have become synonymous with the electrifying energy of the octagon. McGregor, the bold Irishman with an unapologetic attitude, has showcased his striking prowess and unrelenting determination in unforgettable bouts. On the other hand, Nate Diaz's resilience, endurance, and willingness to stand toe-to-toe with any opponent have earned him a dedicated following. Their clashes within the cage have elevated MMA to new heights, solidifying their places as iconic figures in the world of fighting on TV.

Boxing Titans: Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua

Boxing on TV has witnessed a resurgence of talent in recent years, with Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua leading the charge. Fury, known for his larger-than-life personality and remarkable comeback story, brings an aura of unpredictability to every fight. Anthony Joshua, with his Olympian background and stunning athleticism, has taken the heavyweight division by storm. Their clashes in the ring have become must-see events, drawing global attention to the sweet science.

Rising Stars: Daniel Dubois and Liam Smith

The future of fighting on TV looks promising with the emergence of rising stars like Daniel Dubois and Liam Smith. Dubois, a British heavyweight with explosive power, has captured attention with his impressive performances. Liam Smith, a skilled boxer hailing from Liverpool, has showcased his technical prowess in the ring. As they continue to make their mark, these fighters exemplify the next generation of talent that promises to keep fans glued to their screens.

Boxing Sensation: Tommy Fury

Stepping into the spotlight in a different arena of combat is Tommy Fury, a name that has captured the boxing world's attention. As a rising star in the realm of boxing, Tommy Fury brings his own unique blend of skill and charisma to the sport. Carrying a renowned fighting lineage and an undeniable passion for boxing, Fury's presence in the ring has enthralled audiences and added an exciting chapter to the narrative of fighting on TV. With each appearance, he takes another step toward solidifying his own legacy among the greats.

Crossover Sensations: Logan Paul and Conor McGregor

In a surprising twist, the worlds of social media and fighting on TV have collided, giving rise to crossover sensations like Logan Paul and Conor McGregor. While McGregor made his name in MMA, his charismatic persona and ambition have led him to experiment with boxing as well. Logan Paul, a YouTube personality turned boxer, has ventured into the ring against formidable opponents. Their unconventional paths have injected fresh energy into combat sports, attracting new audiences and sparking debates about the intersection of entertainment and athleticism.

As the tapestry of fighting on TV continues to evolve, these prominent figures stand as beacons of inspiration, embodying the spirit of competition and the pursuit of excellence. Their battles, victories, and moments of vulnerability unfold on screens around the world, reminding us why the world of combat sports remains an enduring source of excitement, drama, and unity.

History of Fighting

The roots of combat sports run deep, intertwining with humanity's primal instinct to prove dominance and test limits. Over centuries, the art of fighting evolved from raw physical confrontation to structured competitions that showcased skill, technique, and bravery. While the earliest forms of organized combat date back to ancient civilizations, it was in the 20th century that fighting on TV truly came into its own.

Boxing, with its rich history and traditions, was one of the first sports to captivate audiences through televised broadcasts. The electrifying bouts of legendary fighters like Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, and Sugar Ray Robinson were beamed into living rooms, forging an unbreakable bond between the sport and the small screen. The drama, the tension, and the sheer spectacle of two athletes going toe-to-toe became a staple of entertainment for families across the UK. The sport's evolution from radio broadcasts to fighting on TV marked a pivotal moment that paved the way for other combat disciplines to follow suit.

The rise of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), a relatively young but fiercely dynamic sport, paralleled the trajectory of boxing in many ways. As MMA gained momentum, it found its place in the hearts of fans worldwide through fighting on TV. Events such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) showcased a blend of various fighting styles, pitting competitors from different backgrounds against each other in the pursuit of victory. MMA's surge in popularity was intricately tied to its exposure on television screens, allowing viewers to witness the fusion of disciplines and strategies that had previously existed in isolation.

From the humble beginnings of bare-knuckle brawls to the polished and regulated competitions of today, the history of combat sports has been intrinsically linked to the evolution of fighting on TV. This powerful medium has not only brought the action and drama closer to fans but has also shaped the very essence of how these sports are perceived, celebrated, and immortalized in the annals of athletic history.

Unforgettable Fighting Moments on TV

For boxing fans, the allure of the sport lies not only in the anticipation of the matches but also in the unforgettable moments that become etched into history. Over the years, TV channels have been the witnesses to some of the most iconic and heart-pounding events, forever immortalizing the athletes who created these indelible memories.

Mike Tyson's Lightning Strikes Twice

When discussing the best fighting moments caught on TV, it's impossible not to mention the meteoric rise and fall of Mike Tyson. His explosive power and ferocity in the ring captured the world's attention, making his matches must-watch events for boxing fans. The image of Tyson's opponents falling like dominoes in mere seconds became synonymous with his name. And then, in a stunning twist, Tyson's shock defeat to Buster Douglas in 1990 proved that even the seemingly invincible can be humbled. These moments, broadcasted live on TV, are forever ingrained in boxing lore, showcasing the sport's unpredictability and drama.

Thrilling Showdowns and Epic Showcases

Beyond Tyson's saga, TV channels have been a canvas for other mesmerizing boxing moments. The "Fight of the Century" between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier in 1971 captivated the world, as two giants collided in a bout that transcended the sport. The artistry of Sugar Ray Leonard and the tenacity of Roberto Durán in their rivalry defined an era of boxing excellence. These instances, shared with millions through TV broadcasts, became more than just athletic achievements; they were cultural touchstones that united people across the globe.

Modern Legends Carving Their Legacy

In recent years, TV has continued to be a window into the captivating world of boxing. The intense matchups between contemporary titans like Canelo Álvarez and Gennady Golovkin have thrilled audiences, proving that the spirit of competition endures. These battles, aired on TV channels worldwide, are the latest chapters in the ongoing saga of boxing's legacy.

These best fighting moments, captured on TV screens, remind us why boxing has earned its place in the hearts of sports enthusiasts. From the meteoric rise of Mike Tyson to the thrilling showdowns of modern legends, these moments are not just fights; they are stories of determination, triumph, and the unyielding spirit of athletes who dare to step into the ring.


  1. What are popular TV channels for watching combat sports in the UK?
  2. Prominent channels like TNT Sports and Sky Sports broadcast a range of fighting competitions in the UK, including UFC, boxing, and wrestling.
  3. Where can I watch UFC Fight Night events in the UK?
  4. TNT Sports broadcasts UFC Fight Night events in the UK, delivering the excitement of MMA straight to your TV.
  5. Which boxing matches are featured on Sky Sports?
  6. Sky Sports showcases a variety of boxing matches, from world title bouts to heated rivalries, catering to different boxing fans.
  7. Are there crossover events between MMA and entertainment?
  8. Yes, fighters like Conor McGregor and Logan Paul have ventured beyond their usual domains, contributing to the evolving world of fighting on television.
  9. Can you mention classic boxing moments caught on TV?
  10. Certainly, iconic moments include the "Fight of the Century" between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, as well as Mike Tyson's meteoric rise and unexpected defeats, showcasing the drama of combat sports.