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Formula 1 on TV and Stream

The 2024 F1 calendar is a record-breaking one, with more F1 on TV today than ever before. This year F1 fans can enjoy such a strong calendar, featuring 24 racing events.

A season of top-class racing unfolded with the Bahrain Grand Prix and the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, but there's plenty more to left to enjoy. The Las Vegas Grand Prix is set to capitalize on the success of last year, but it's the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that will close the show on the 8th of December.

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F1 on TV Today

This year it's easier than ever to tune in. Fans worldwide can make use of the official F1 TV subscription to catch live streams online.

However, in the UK it's even simpler. Sky Sports are the official broadcaster, while Channel 4 will be showing selected highlights.

F1 TV Schedule 2024

Event Date Venue Channel/Stream
Bahrain Formula 1 29 Feb - 2 March Sakhir Sky Sports, NOW TV, F1 TV
Saudi Arabia Formula 1 7 - 9 March Jeddah Street Circuit Sky Sports, NOW TV, F1 TV
Australia Formula 1 22 March - 24 March Melbourne Sky Sports, NOW TV, F1 TV
Japan Formula 1 5 - 7 April Suzuka Sky Sports, NOW TV, F1 TV
China Grand Prix 19 - 21 April Shanghai Sky Sports, NOW TV, F1 TV
Miami Formula 1 3 - 5 May Miami Sky Sports, NOW TV, F1 TV
Emilia Romagna Formula 1 17 - 19 May Imola Sky Sports, NOW TV, F1 TV
Monaco Formula 1 24 - 26 May Monaco Sky Sports, NOW TV, F1 TV
Canada Formula 1 7 - 9 June Montreal Sky Sports, NOW TV, F1 TV
Spain Formula 1 21 - 23 June Barcelona Sky Sports, NOW TV, F1 TV
Austria Formula 1 28 - 30 June Spielberg Sky Sports, NOW TV, F1 TV
Great Britain Formula 1 5 - 7 July Silverstone Sky Sports, NOW TV, F1 TV
Hungary Formula 1 19 - 21 July Budapest Sky Sports, NOW TV, F1 TV
Belgium Formula 1 26 - 28 July Spa Sky Sports, NOW TV, F1 TV
Netherlands Formula 1 23 - 25 August Zandvoort Sky Sports, NOW TV, F1 TV
Italy Formula 1 30 Aug - 1 September Monza Sky Sports, NOW TV, F1 TV
Azerbaijan Formula 1 15 - 17 September Baku Sky Sports, NOW TV, F1 TV
Singapore Formula 1 20 - 22 September Singapore Sky Sports, NOW TV, F1 TV
USA Formula 1 18 - 20 October Austin Sky Sports, NOW TV, F1 TV
Mexico Formula 1 25 - 27 October Mexico City Sky Sports, NOW TV, F1 TV
Brazil Formula 1 1 - 3 November São Paulo Sky Sports, NOW TV, F1 TV
Las Vegas Formula 1 21 - 23 November Las Vegas Sky Sports, NOW TV, F1 TV
Qatar Formula 1 29 Nov - 1 December Lusail Sky Sports, NOW TV, F1 TV
Abu Dhabi Formula 1 6 - 8 December Yas Marina Sky Sports, NOW TV, F1 TV

F1 on TV

Formula One has witnessed a rapid rise in popularity in recent years, thus prompting broadcasters to expand their coverage of it in the UK. Fans of the sport can view every F1 race live through Sky Sports, NOW TV, and F1TV, which offers a highly immersive experience with camera angles such as the drivers point of view.

What TV Channels Broadcast F1 in the UK

  • Sports F1 - this channel will be showing all of the FIA Formula 1 races in full.
  • Sky Sports Main Event - this channel will be showing selected F1 highlights.
  • Channel 4 - showing F1 roundups and select highlights from the F1 schedule.

How to Watch F1 on TV?

It's easy to watch F1 on TV. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to watch all of the events that are taking place this year.

  • The first step is to sign up for a Sky Sports subscription, or watch selected events for free on Channel 4.
  • On the day of the race, check the timings and head to the Sky Sports F1 channel at the correct time to watch.
  • Channel 4 makes their schedule available to check well ahead of time, so you can make alternative arrangements if they aren't showing the race you are hoping to watch.

F1 Live Stream

It's possible to live stream F1 racing via a number of platforms in the UK. This is a great option for those who don't have Sky Sports on their TV but still don't want to miss any of the grand prix action.

Available Streaming Platforms in UK

  • Now TV - Now TV is showing every F1 race weekend live, as well as practice sessions, qualifiers, and even a selection of F1 documentaries.
  • F1 TV - The official streaming service of FIA Formula 1. For £19.99 a year you can access all races, as well as drivers radio, live drivers maps and documentaries.

How to Stream F1

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to stream the best F1 action in the UK.

  • Choose between Now TV and the F1 TV app.
  • Once you've decided, sign up and pay your subscription fee.
  • Both subscription services can be accessed online via their website, but you can also watch Now TV via an app on your smart TV.
  • Tune in ahead of your chosen race and get ready to enjoy the action.

Formula 1 TV Listings

You can catch the F1 season in its entirety on Sky Sports and it promises to be a special year for it. Below are some particular highlights from the calendar to watch out for.

  • Australian Grand Prix - 24th March
  • Monaco Grand Prix - 26th May
  • Spanish Grand Prix - 23rd June
  • Austrian Grand Prix - 30th June
  • British Grand Prix - 7th July
  • Dutch Grand Prix - 25th August
  • Italian Grand Prix - 1st September
  • Las Vegas Grand Prix - 24th November
  • Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - 8th December

History Formula 1

Formula One grew out of the European Motor Racing Championships that took place in the 1920s. By 1946 a formula had been agreed upon that began F1 as we know today.

Traditional circuits such as the famous Circuit de Monaco and Silverstone were amongst the first to hold grand prix races. Nowadays, more modern venues are included, particularly across Saudi Arabian tracks.

The summer break was introduced to allow the teams some guaranteed time off during the busy racing season.

The last four years in particular have seen a good blend of teams working hard both to advance the sport, and to ensure they're meeting sustainability objectives. Under the watchful eye of the world motor sport council, F1 is more exciting, and more future-proof than ever before.


What time is F1 on TV today?

The F1 2024 season starts with pre-season testing starting on 21st February at 7:00 AM, featuring Bahrain Grand Prix Practice 1.

How to watch F1 live on TV?

The F1 2024 season starts with pre-season testing starting on 21st February at 7:00 AM, featuring Bahrain Grand Prix Practice 1.

Where can I watch Formula 1 races on TV?

In the UK, F1 races are broadcast live on Sky Sports F1, with select races and highlights available on Channel 4. Additionally, live F1 coverage can be accessed without a contract through NOW with Day or Monthly Passes, also accessible via BT Sport.

What TV Channels is F1 on?

You can watch all F1 races on the Sky Sports F1 channel. Alternatively, you can watch selected races as well as highlights on Channel 4. Now TV and BT Sport also offer coverage of many F1 races.

When does F1 start?

The F1 season started on the 4th of March 2024, with races held in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. It is scheduled to end at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on the 8th of December 2024.

Can I stream F1 on my mobile?

Yes! You can simply download the Sky Go or Now TV app to watch live F1 racing on your mobile.

Can I stream F1 online?

You can watch live streams of the whole world championship calendar online via Sky Sports or Now TV. You can also subscribe to the official F1 app and watch live on F1 TV.

Where to watch F1?

There's plenty of choice on where to watch F1. If you want to watch on TV then Channel 4 is a great choice. Those who want to watch online or on mobile can choose Sky Go or Now TV app.

What time is Formula 1 on today on channel 4?

Broadcasting of F1 on channel 4 varies from day to day, but you can catch highlights every day that races are held.