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Horse Racing on TV and Stream

Immerse yourself in the dynamic realm of horse racing, a sport that seamlessly blends tradition with heart-pounding action. Witness the electrifying moments as jockeys and their equine partners race towards victory, all from the convenience of your home. Our platform offers a comprehensive TV guide tailored to UK television, ensuring you never miss a live racing event. From prestigious derbies to intimate showcases of skill and partnership, we've streamlined the schedule so you can indulge in every exhilarating moment.

Experience the thrill of horse racing on TV like never before. With our user-friendly TV guide, you'll have instant access to the most exciting racing events broadcasted across the UK. Get ready to be captivated by the speed, strategy, and sheer determination displayed by both jockeys and horses. Join us in celebrating the rich heritage of horse racing while staying up-to-date with all the live action on your screen.

Below is a fully comprehensive TV schedule for live horse racing events both locally and worldwide.

12 Apr

Horse Racing on TV Yesterday, Friday


Live racing from Taunton, Aintree, Chelmsford and Limerick

Horse Racing · Bet365 Live odds Bet365


Live racing from Leicester and Aintree

Horse Racing · Bet365 Live odds Bet365

13 Apr

Horse Racing on TV Today, Saturday

Today’s earlier broadcasts

Live racing from Chelmsford, Aintree and Bellewstown

Horse Racing · Bet365 Live odds Bet365

14 Apr

Horse Racing on TV Tomorrow, Sunday


Live racing from Bellewstown and Down Royal

Horse Racing · Bet365 Live odds Bet365

15 Apr

Horse Racing on TV Monday


Live racing from Kelso, Redcar and Kempton

Horse Racing · Bet365 Live odds Bet365

16 Apr

Horse Racing on TV Tuesday

17 Apr

Horse Racing on TV Wednesday


Live racing from Newmarket and Cheltenham

Horse Racing · Bet365 Live odds Bet365


Live racing action from Cheltenham, Beverley, Newmarket, Kempton and Gowran

Horse Racing · Bet365 Live odds Bet365

18 Apr

Horse Racing on TV Thursday


Live racing from Newmarket and Cheltenham

Horse Racing · Bet365 Live odds Bet365


Live racing action from Cheltenham, Newmarket, Chelmsford and Clonmel

Horse Racing · Bet365 Live odds Bet365

19 Apr

Horse Racing on TV Friday

20 Apr

Horse Racing on TV Saturday

21 Apr

Horse Racing on TV Sunday

22 Apr

Horse Racing on TV Monday

23 Apr

Horse Racing on TV Tuesday

24 Apr

Horse Racing on TV Wednesday

25 Apr

Horse Racing on TV Thursday

26 Apr

Horse Racing on TV Friday

Horse Racing

Live Horse Racing on TV

When it comes to indulging your passion for horse racing on TV, several dedicated channels offer an array of thrilling competitions to keep you engaged. Whether you're a fervent follower or just discovering the sport, there's something for everyone.

Sky Sports Racing

For the ultimate horse racing experience, turn your attention to Sky Sports Racing. This channel offers an enticing lineup of live racing events that will have you on the edge of your seat. Raceday, Stateside, and the gripping Racing League are just a few examples of what you can expect. From the intensity of every stride to the strategic prowess of jockeys, Sky Sports Racing brings horse racing to life, catering to both casual viewers and avid enthusiasts.

Racing TV

If you're seeking exclusive access to some of the most prestigious horse racing events, Racing TV is your destination. This channel is your passport to witness iconic competitions like the Cheltenham Festival and the Grand National. But that's not all – Racing TV ensures you don't miss a beat by covering an array of horse racing events throughout the year. Immerse yourself in the passion and pageantry of the sport with exclusive coverage that truly captures the essence of live racing.

ITV Racing

When it's time for the crème de la crème of horse racing to grace your TV screen, ITV Racing steps into the spotlight. This channel is renowned for broadcasting some of the most significant events in the horse racing calendar. From the heart-pounding Cheltenham Festival to the historic Grand National, ITV Racing offers a front-row seat to the most celebrated competitions in the equestrian world. Prepare to be swept up in the drama and excitement that only live horse racing on TV can deliver.

Whether you're glued to Sky Sports Racing for its variety, Racing TV for exclusivity, or ITV Racing for premier events, the TV landscape is rich with opportunities to satisfy your love for horse racing. Don't miss a moment as these channels gallop into action, bringing you the best of the equine world right into your living room.

Best Horse Racing on TV Moments

The history of horse racing on TV are etched with unforgettable moments that have left audiences around the UK spellbound. From breathtaking displays of speed to heartwarming tales of triumph, these live racing instances have become part of the sport's rich history.

  1. Red Rum's Grand National Hat-Trick
  2. The UK collectively held its breath as Red Rum charged to victory in not one, not two, but three Grand National races. This horse's remarkable feat, witnessed by millions on live TV, remains an iconic chapter in horse racing history. Red Rum's triumphant dashes over the Aintree fences showcased the enduring spirit of the horse, solidifying his place as a national treasure and a symbol of equine greatness.

  3. Desert Orchid's Epic Comeback
  4. Desert Orchid's dramatic comeback during the 1989 Cheltenham Gold Cup is a testament to the unpredictable nature of horse racing on TV. Falling behind by a considerable margin, this exceptional horse staged a breathtaking rally in the final stretch, overtaking rivals and clinching victory in an electrifying display of racing action. The moment reverberates as a reminder of the heart and tenacity that define live horse racing.

  5. Frankie Dettori's Magnificent Seven
  6. In 1996, at Ascot, jockey Frankie Dettori etched his name in racing history with a jaw-dropping achievement: winning all seven races in a single day. This extraordinary display of horsemanship, witnessed by avid fans through live TV broadcasts, showcased the symbiotic relationship between rider and horse. Dettori's feat transcended the sport and ignited a renewed passion for horse racing on TV screens across the UK.

  7. Dawn Run's Historic Cheltenham Double
  8. Dawn Run's remarkable journey to victory in both the Champion Hurdle and the Gold Cup at the 1986 Cheltenham Festival remains an unparalleled achievement in live racing. This exceptional mare's ability to conquer diverse racing challenges captivated audiences nationwide as they watched her astonishing triumphs unfold on their TV screens. Dawn Run's legacy endures as a source of inspiration for horse enthusiasts, embodying the spirit of relentless determination.

    These indelible horse racing moments, captured on live TV broadcasts, remind us why the sport continues to captivate the UK. From the thundering hooves to the heartwarming stories of equine brilliance, these live horse racing instances embody the essence of passion, competition, and the enduring bond between horse and rider.

    Top Horse Racing Events on TV

    When it comes to live horse racing action, a handful of events stand head and shoulders above the rest, drawing in enthusiasts and casual viewers alike. These thrilling spectacles combine the best of equine athleticism, strategic prowess, and heart-pounding competition. Here are three of the most anticipated horse racing events that keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

    Cheltenham Festival

    Every year, horse racing enthusiasts from around the world turn their attention to the Cheltenham Festival, a pinnacle of jump racing excellence. Witnessed by millions on ITV Racing, this event showcases the finest thoroughbreds tackling challenging hurdles and courses. The festival's electric atmosphere, coupled with the breathtaking performances of both jockeys and horses, make it a must-watch for fans of live racing.

    Racing League

    Revolutionizing the traditional racing scene, the Racing League is a captivating addition to the horse racing calendar. Airing on Sky Sports Racing, this innovative event pits teams against each other in a quest for glory. With its unique format and dynamic racing action, the Racing League injects new energy into the world of live horse racing, captivating viewers and celebrating the collaborative spirit of the sport.

    Grand National

    The Grand National, hosted at Aintree Racecourse, is synonymous with horse racing on a grand scale. The live racing action, broadcasted on ITV, is a true test of stamina and courage for both jockeys and horses. The legendary steeplechase and the unpredictable nature of the course make for a captivating spectacle that captures the hearts of millions. The Grand National's rich history and gripping racing action continue to make it a standout moment in the world of live horse racing.

    From the grandeur of Cheltenham Festival to the innovative Racing League and the time-honored tradition of the Grand National, these top horse racing events showcase the diversity and excitement of the sport. With coverage on major platforms like ITV, Sky Sports Racing, and Sky Sports, you're just a click away from immersing yourself in the thrilling world of live horse racing and witnessing the power and beauty of these magnificent animals firsthand.


    1. Where can I watch live horse racing on TV in the UK?
    2. You can catch live horse racing action on major channels like ITV Racing and Sky Sports Racing. These channels broadcast top events like the Cheltenham Festival and Racing League, bringing the excitement straight to your screen.

    3. What is the Racing League?
    4. The Racing League is an innovative team-based horse racing competition featured on Sky Sports Racing. It offers a fresh take on traditional racing, where teams compete for victory, injecting a new level of excitement into the sport.

    5. What are the top horse racing events to watch?
    6. The Cheltenham Festival, Racing League, and the Grand National are three standout horse racing events. These showcase elite horses, exhilarating racing action, and the grandeur of the sport, and they're broadcasted on platforms like ITV and Sky Sports.

    7. Why is the Grand National so famous?
    8. The Grand National is renowned for its challenging steeplechase course, testing the endurance and courage of both jockeys and horses. It has a rich history and is televised on ITV, making it one of the most watched and celebrated horse racing events.

    9. What makes the Cheltenham Festival special?
    10. The Cheltenham Festival is a premier jump racing event attracting global attention. With its thrilling races and competitive atmosphere, it's a must-watch for horse racing enthusiasts. The festival is exclusively covered by ITV Racing, ensuring comprehensive live coverage.