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Roma on TV and Stream

While they may have not shared the same glory as some other Italian teams, AC Roma are still one of the dominant footballing forces within the nation. They are much loved by fans who watch Roma live streams or watch them play football on tv, week in, week out. Roma TV listings are always a sight to behold and if you haven’t seen them in action yet, you should try to do so before long. And luckily, you can check out their games' schedule right here!

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26 May

Tomorrow, Sunday

Historical Background

In comparison to some clubs, Roma is actually a fairly young club. They first established in 1927 as part of a merger between three former Rome clubs. They have enjoyed every year of their history in the top-flight apart from just one season in 1951. They have successfully won the title three times during that period and also won nine Coppa Italia titles and two Supercoppa Italiana titles in that time scale. Alongside also having some success in Europe too. However, they are currently having a bit of a trophy drought and have not won anything since 2008, so Roma TV over the last 10 years has been somewhat disappointing for fans. That said, they are looking more promising of late, and so this drought may soon be over.

Kits, Crests and Nicknames

The orange and purple of Roma’s kit really makes them stand out. And so, even if you are not familiar with them now, it wouldn’t take long for you to recognise them playing football on TV just by seeing the colours of their strip. Their logo is also very unique in its nature and depicts the mythical tale of the origins of Rome by displaying a female wolf with the two wolf brothers, Romulus and Remus, who are said to have formed Rome. Another logo they sometimes sport is purely a silhouette of a wolf. They have three different nicknames, La Lupa, which means she-wolf and is a reference to that same story, La Magica, which means the Magic One, and I Giallorossi which simply means the yellow and reds.


They have the second largest stadium in Italy, the Stadio Olimpico. It sits over 72,000 people and they share it with fellow Rome club, Lazio.


Roma’s biggest rivalry is with fellow Rome club, Lazio, with whom the rivalry is fierce and a lot of football hooliganism has emerged over the years from this fixture.

Stats and Records

15 different players have won the World Cup while playing a Rome, including Cafu for Brazil and both their most recent captains, Daniele De Rossi and Francesco Totti.

Key Players 

Daniele De Rossi has been a fixture of the Roma lineup for 18 years and is still as prominent as he has always been. His loyalty is a testament to the club and he is very much a club legend. Fittingly, he took over as captain from fellow Roma legend. Francesco Totti when he retired in 2017.


As mentioned, Roma has won the Seria A 3 times, most recently, in 2001, and have also won the Coppa Italia 9 times, most recently in 2007. They have also won Supercoppa Italiana twice and Serie B once. They have never won a trophy in Europe but reached the finals in both the Champions League and UEFA Cup.