Eleven Sports is a digital television provider that offers over 30,000 hours or sports annually and refers to itself as “The Netflix of Sports”. The award-winning service is offered in multiple countries, including the UK and Ireland, offering a wide range of football on tv matches.

In addition to this, they offer a complete package when it comes to sport on tv consumption, by allowing users to stay constantly connected with the sporting world, with an active social media presence to accompany the games they show.

In the UK, their emphasis is very much on the Spanish League, owning the equivalent to the Premier League tv rights, better known as the La Liga, to showcase these games. As such, if you are looking for the best place to watch this top European league, they are ideal for this. They also offer English Football on TV to some ter ritories outside of the UK, as well as partial coverage in the UK, of the Italian Serie A and Dutch Eredivisie.

La Liga

La Liga is their biggest selling point when it comes to football on TV. They gained the rights to this back in May 2018, making this year the first year that they have been able to offer the service. They offer the biggest games in the La Liga calendar with their service, including the Madrid Derby and of course, the El Clasico.

This is, of course, just two of the games they offer and in fact, they offer up to 10 games every week for viewers to enjoy. Therefore, if you are looking for Spanish live football on tv today, then this is the place you need to visit.

However, they don’t only offer live football, and their on-demand service allows you to watch games you’ve missed or re-live the action and re-watch the biggest games. Their on-demand service also offers highlights and the best bits of the La Liga action.

Outside of actual in-game football on tv, they offer a daily La Liga News to stay up to date, a La Liga Show, for all the reactions, and mini-documentaries throughout the week. So if you want to learn everything about La Liga football on tv, Eleven Sports is the ideal companion. Their website also offers specific team coverage, so you can keep track of form and daily goings-on of a club also.

Serie A and Eredivisie

Up until last month, you could catch an equal amount of both The Italian and Dutch top league, The Serie A and The Eredivisie football on Tv with regular live coverage of these matches. Unfortunately, due to financial issues they had to halt this service. However, you can still stay up to date with football from these leagues, but in a more limited fashion.

Both these league games highlights can still be viewed with a subscription to Eleven TV, but only on their demand service. There are also no specific shows dedicated to the coverage of these leagues. Therefore, while it is great for users who merely want to stay updated, it isn’t much good for those who want to stay immersed in the action.

When it comes to football on TV, for La Liga they are ideal, with very impressive and comprehensive coverage of the week’s action. However, for users looking to monitor multiple leagues in Europe, then they aren’t much good.

Unfortunately, neither is it much good for UK players who are looking to enjoy other sports either, with only football really supported. With this mind, only getting involved in Eleven Sports if La Liga and all things Spanish football are your passion.