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The Scottish Premiership is Scotland's top division professional football league for men. This competition is very young, having been established in 2013, following a merger of two other championships. Nevertheless, it showcases some of the best Scottish football, to the pleasure of fans who catch live football on tv. Catch every game you can right here - your only go-to TV sport guide!

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Historical Background

The Scottish Premiership was established in July 2013, following the merger of the Scottish Premier League and the Scottish Football League. The Premier League was only founded 15 years prior to the merger, however, the Scottish Football League is much older, established in 1890. Until the Scottish Premier League was founded, the Scottish Football League presented the top-tier club tournaments in Scotland.

Throughout the existence of the Football League, Rangers dominated the championship with a total of 47 titles. Similarly, Celtic dominated the Scottish Premier League tournament, winning eight of the 14 competitions.

League Format

As with general football tournament rules, teams in the Scottish Premiership receive three points for every win and one point for a draw. Rankings are first based on total points, then on goal difference, and finally on goals scored. By the end of the tournament, the team with the highest number of points is officially the winner.

In the rare cases where two teams have an equal number of points, goal differences, and goals scored, a playoff match is organised in a neutral venue to determine the season's winner. Such playoff matches are also held when needing to determine qualification for European tournaments or relegation.

Since its 2000-2001 season, the Scottish Premiership has welcomed 12 clubs for each tournament. The season plays out between August and May each year and is split into two phases. In phase one, each club plays all the other clubs a total of three times. In phase two, the teams with the six highest number of points and the six lowest are split into two categories. Clubs play one more match each against the other five in their categories.

The club with the lowest amount of points at the end of the tournament is relegated to the Scottish Championship. The winner of the Scottish Premiership gets automatic entry into the UEFA Champions League first qualifying round.

Clubs & Teams

Due to the limited number of professional men's clubs in Scotland and the relatively young age of the competition, the list of participating clubs each year rarely changes. So far, 16 different clubs took part in the Scottish Premiership since its inception, with the majority qualifying every year.

Fans of Scottish football will easily recognise some of the most popular clubs, including Celtic, Rangers, and Hibernians. These and other teams provide a high level of professional sportsmanship and entertainment, much to the delight of those watching sport on tv.

Stadiums, Notable Records & Stats

As with every major European football club tournament, clubs which participate in the Scottish Premiership have or lease their own stadium to play their home games in. Celtic Park, home of Celtic, is currently the biggest stadium by the number of seats, with a maximum capacity of 60,411. It is followed closely by its arch-rivals, Rangers. The team's Ibrox Stadium has welcome 50,817 fans.

Beyond this, larger stadiums, the homes of the other clubs in the Premiership are significantly lower, with the majority barely reaching 20,000 seats. Nevertheless, no stadium could come close to holding the tens of thousands of fans who watch the Scottish Premiership on tv every year.

Celtic's performance in the tournament is nothing short of extraordinary. In fact, the team has won every single Premiership since its inception in 2013. Aberdeen is its closest competitor, having come in second place four out of the six seasons.

The relatively young championship has seen its fair share of records and interesting stats. May 2018 witnessed the highest number of goals scored in one game. 10 goals were scored, five by each of the opposing teams Hibernian and Rangers.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given their super performance, Celtic hold several of the Scottish Premiership's records. Fans of football tv will probably remember the competition's biggest home win when Celtic beat Hamilton Academical 8-1. At 34, Celtic also holds the record for most wins in a season and also the least defeats, not having conceded any games during the 2016-2017 season.

Players & Top Scorers

The popularity and widespread broadcasting of the Scottish Premiership on tv has led to top footballers attaining celebrity status. Scottish Leigh Griffiths is one such superstar, holding the record for most goals scored in the championship. His first appearance in the competition was in the 2014-2015 season, and in his 130 appearances since then Griffiths has scored 75 goals, all whilst playing with Celtic.

Irish Adam Rooney comes in second with 65 goals scored in 151 appearances. Scottish Kris Boyd comes in third, with 55 goals scored in 145 appearances.

The youngest player to have ever scored in the Scottish Premiership was Jack Aitchison, who was only 16 years and 71 days when he scored against Motherwell. Just slightly younger, Dean Campbell is the competition's youngest player, at 16 years and 54 days.

Odsonne Édouard is the competition's most valuable inward transfer, worth £9 million in 2018. Celtic paid this sum to Paris Saint-Germain for the transfer of Édouard. Moussa Dembele marks the highest outward transfer of the competition so far. Olympique Lyonnais, £19.7 million paid Celtic this amount for the transfer of the French player.

Lesser-known Kilmarnock player Kris Boyd registered the fastest championship goal ever scored from the beginning of a match. It only took the Scottish professional 10 seconds to score against Ross County in 2017, much to the awe of thousands of football tv fans.

Watching the Scottish Premiership on tv today is easier than ever. Several tv broadcasters provide live sports on tv and on the internet. You can stay up to date with results, commentary and future predictions, providing you with entertaining moments in the comfort of your living room. Watch live football on tv today and catch the greatest Scottish football available to you.


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