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1. Bundesliga on TV and Stream

A complete schedule of all streamed and televised Bundesliga games for the season 2023/24. The Bundesliga is considered one of the best and most competitive leagues in the world. This is why Bundesliga on tv is a spectacular sport on tv event and millions tune in to watch live football on tv that comes from the top German league. Throughout the years, the Bundesliga has played host to some of the most talented young football players ever to grace the game such as Jadon Sancho, Erling Haaland, Timo Werner and Kai Havertz and teams that have made history in the footballing world. If you are looking to move away from the leagues you have grown accustomed to watching week in, week out, and want to try to watch some new football tv from elsewhere in the world, then Bundesliga on TV should be on the top of your list. Make sure you keep yourself up to date with all the Bundesliga games with our latest game schedule, available right here!

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18 May

Today, Saturday


Historical Background

Since it is a German League, the history that accompanies German football has been influenced by various political factors due to the controversial 20th century that Germany lived through. It was first born in 1962 by the DFB, Deutsch Fußball Bund, the footballing association of German. At the time, Germany remained split between East and West, as such, it was only applicable for teams in the West, while the Eastern carried on with their own system.

There was already a German tournament, but there was no real professional league. There had been calls for it for some time prior as it was drawing players away from home soil to other nations which was affecting the national game, thus it was conceived to remedy this. 46 clubs first applied for admittance to the new league, but only 16 were chosen based on their skills, financial credibility and representation, which set up the first league. With the first game being hosted in August of that year. Upon reunification of the country, 2 teams from West Germany were added, which brings us up to the total teams of today of 18.

Over the years, there have been numerous winners of the tournament, but it has been mostly dominated by Bayern Munich, Germany’s most successful club.

League Format

The format of the Bundesliga works over 3 separate leagues: the 1. Bundesliga, 2. Bundesliga and 3. Bundesliga. The highest of these is the 1. Bundesliga, which is often what people think of immediately when they think of the Bundesliga, but in fact, they are all one system.

Essentially, as is the case with most leagues, the teams who finish bottom of one of these leagues get relegated to the one beneath it. The system works on a point system, where teams earn 3 for a win, (previously 2), 1 for a draw and 0 for loss, as is the case with practically every other league in the world. Throughout the season, each team plays every other team in their respective league twice, home and away. In the top two tiers of the Bundesliga, a total of 34 games are played over the year as they both have 18 teams each. The third tier, however, has 20 teams and so they play 38 games instead.

The winner of the leagues are the teams who finish with the most points. In the top tier, this means that they will be crowned champions for that year. They will also qualify for the Champions League in the next season, joined by the 2nd place and 3rd place finishers. In the other leagues, the top two teams get promoted to the league above, while the teams in 3rd and 4th place have a playoff match to decide who gets the final promotion place. While the bottom three teams are relegated to the league below. If there is a tie at the end of the season, then the following factors are brought into account:

  • Goal difference for the entire season
  • Total goals scored for the entire season
  • Head-to-head results (total points)
  • Head-to-head goals scored
  • Head-to-head away goals scored
  • Total away goals scored for the entire season

If there is still a tie, then the two teams play a match at a neutral ground, but this has actually never happened before.


By a long chalk, Bayern Munich are the most well-recognisable club in the league, who have been very successful not only in the Bundesliga but also across Europe, winning the Champions Leagues 6 times. However, there are an abundance of well-recognisable teams in the league, including Borussia Dortmund, who have also previously won the league and lifted the Champions League trophy. Werder Bremen, Borussia Monchengladbach, FC Koln, VfL Wolfsburg and VfB Stuttgart have also won the title before. Other notable teams include FC Schalke, Bayern Leverkusen, Eintracht Frankfurt and Redbull Leipzig.

Honours, Records and Stats

By far the most impressive stat is held by Bayern Munich, who have by far been the most successful team in the league, winning it a record 32 times. This includes the last consecutive 10 years. Some would say this makes the league predictable, but fans are unbothered which is hence why it is the most watched in terms of stadium attendance in the world and thanks to the skill the games showcase, Bundesliga on TV is enjoyed by viewers of over 200 countries. It is also considered the fourth most competitive league in Europe, according to FIFA, based on the team’s performances in European competitions.

Notable Players and Top Scorers

Many notable players have graced the Bundesliga, but one of the most notably is Karl-Heinz Körbel, who holds the records for most appearances in the league with 602, all of which were for Eintracht Frankfurt. While the player who has scored the most goals ever in the Bundesliga is Gerd Müller, who scored 365 goals over his career, the majority of which were for Bayern Munich. Currently, the most formidable goal scorer in the league though is Robert Lewandowski, who has scored 312 goals so far making him the 2nd highest scorer of all time.

With such an exciting history, so much talent and league brimming with a competitive edge, Bundesliga on TV should be your next football on TV event to tune into!