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Rugby League on TV and Stream

Enjoy a complete schedule of all streamed and televised Rugby League on TV matches. Rugby League on TV is a full contact sport which is played out on a rectangular field by two teams of 13 players each. The sport is often mixed up with Rugby Union, since they have so quite a few similarities. In fact, as fans who watch Rugby League on tv would know, there are several differences. The game enjoys global notoriety and is played by amateurs and professionals from over 100 countries.

12 Apr

Rugby League on TV Yesterday, Friday


Brisbane Broncos v Dolphins

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13 Apr

Rugby League on TV Today, Saturday

Today’s earlier broadcasts

Parramatta Eels v North Queensland Cowboys

NRL · Bet365 Live odds Bet365


South Sydney Rabbitohs v Cronulla Sharks

NRL · Bet365 Live odds Bet365


Hull Kingston Rovers v Leigh Centurions

Challenge Cup · Bet365 Live odds Bet365

14 Apr

Rugby League on TV Tomorrow, Sunday


St Helens v Warrington Wolves

Challenge Cup · Bet365 Live odds Bet365

18 Apr

Rugby League on TV Thursday


Sydney Roosters v Melbourne Storm

NRL · Bet365 Live odds Bet365

19 Apr

Rugby League on TV Friday

20 Apr

Rugby League on TV Saturday


Gold Coast Titans v Manly Sea Eagles

NRL · Bet365 Live odds Bet365


Brisbane Broncos v Canberra Raiders

NRL · Bet365 Live odds Bet365

10 May

Rugby League on TV Friday


Leigh Centurions v Salford Red Devils

Betfred Super League · Bet365 Live odds Bet365

1 Jun

Rugby League on TV Saturday


Leeds Rhinos v Castleford Tigers

Betfred Super League · Bet365 Live odds Bet365

Rugby League

Historical Background

Rugby League, as it is known today, originated in England in 1895, however, its roots date back decades earlier. It split from the Rugby Union primarily over rules regarding payment to players, but over time other rules were adopted. Today, Rugby League is a sport in its own right, viewed by millions of fans across the world.

Northern teams made up the majority of the founders of Rugby League. With many of their players working as coal miners and mill workers, they disagreed that they should not be compensated for lost hours of work.

As the game developed it attracted teams from different parts of the world. In 1907, the New South Wales Rugby Football League was organized and Rugby League went on to replace Rugby Union as the main Rugby sport played in Queensland.

Rules of The Game

A Rugby League game is played on a rectangular pitch of 120 meters in length. Two opposing teams compete to get the highest number of points, with the main objective being to get the ball on the respective goal lines. At each of these lines, there is an H-shaped goal post which players use to score kicks, such as drop goals or penalty goals.

As many team sports, a Rugby League match begins with a coin toss to decide which team will kick off first and which sides teams will start from. During the second half, the sides are switched, and the other team kicks off. Once the ball is kicked, the game starts.

The team who holds the oval-shaped ball is the attacker, whilst the opposing team needs to defend their goal line and attempt to steal the ball away from the attackers. Attackers have several ways in which to try and score points. They can attempt to score try by landing the ball in the in-goal area or on the goal line. Alternatively, in some cases, the team can attempt to kick a drop goal, which is a lot trickier.

Fans watching Rugby on tv split their attention between the attackers and defenders. The latter use strategy and brute force to prevent the attackers from scoring points. Their biggest weapon is the tackle, which arguably provides the most entertainment of the game.

As an attacker sees a defender about to tackle them, they can opt to pass the ball to a teammate. Passing can only be lateral or backward of the player's position. If a player is tackled, Rugby League rules state that the attackers can roll the ball over to a teammate, however, this can only be done up to six times per set.

What Differentiates it from Rugby Union?

Although both Rugby League and Rugby Union appear identical to the uninitiated, there are subtle differences which help distinguish them. Eagle-eyed fans who watch Rugby on tv know that an easy way to tell the difference is by counting the players on the pitch. Rugby League games consist of two teams of 13 players each, whilst Rugby Union teams are made up of 15 players.

Another major difference is what happens after an attacker has been tackled. In Rugby League, the attacker drops the ball and passes it to a teammate, but in Rugby Union, any player who is standing up and onside can acquire the ball. Scoring too is different between the two, with actions in Rugby Union usually awarding more points than in Rugby League.

Rugby league on TV - Best Teams

Gold Coast Titans

Rising from Queensland, the Gold Coast Titans impress with their determination and community spirit, captivating fans with their fierce gameplay.

Sydney Roosters

The Sydney Roosters, known as the "Tricolours," boast a legacy of triumphs and star players, sparking passionate rivalries like their clashes with the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Brisbane Broncos

Queensland's powerhouse, the Brisbane Broncos, deliver high-energy performances and intense rivalry matchups, notably against the North Queensland Cowboys.

New Zealand Warriors

Crossing borders, the New Zealand Warriors unite nations with their unique Maori and Polynesian influence, adding international flair to the NRL.

These teams—Gold Coast Titans, Sydney Roosters, Brisbane Broncos, and New Zealand Warriors—add vibrant layers to the Rugby League on TV experience, each contributing their own dynamic to the sport's tapestry.

Rugby League on Sky Sports

When it comes to bringing the exhilarating world of Rugby League to UK viewers, no platform does it quite like Sky Sports. With an array of captivating matches and in-depth coverage, Sky Sports Arena and Sky Sports Action have become the go-to channels for enthusiasts of the sport.

For avid fans of the National Rugby League (NRL), Sky Sports Arena provides an unparalleled viewing experience. With its dedicated NRL programming, the channel ensures that followers of the Australian league never miss a moment of the action. From heart-pounding tries to bone-crunching tackles, the NRL on Sky Sports Arena delivers the electrifying intensity that Rugby League is known for.

Not to be overshadowed, Sky Sports Action serves as a hub for a diverse range of Rugby League content. Whether it's domestic clashes, international showdowns, or insightful analysis, this channel caters to a broader spectrum of viewers. From the frenetic pace of Super League to the drama of the Rugby League World Cup, Sky Sports Action ensures that the excitement of the sport is readily accessible to audiences across the UK.

Incorporating cutting-edge technology and expert commentary, both Sky Sports Arena and Sky Sports Action bring the Rugby League experience to life right in the comfort of your living room. The seamless coverage, stunning visuals, and insightful commentary make watching Rugby League on Sky Sports an immersive and thrilling endeavor.

So, whether you're a devoted NRL enthusiast seeking the latest updates or a passionate Rugby League aficionado hungry for diverse content, Sky Sports Arena and Sky Sports Action have you covered. Tune in and be part of the pulse-pounding journey through the world of Rugby League, right from your TV screen.

Memorable TV/Match Moments

Fans who watch live Rugby on tv will certainly remember some of the best moments over the years. Who could forget Steve Menzies' Final Try In The NRL which represented his final game, number 349? Another great moment happened in the 2015 grand final, where the Cowboys beat all odds and thanks to the incredible efforts of Kyle Feldt and Johnathan Thurston there was nothing the opposition could do.

In 2003, a spectacular tackle by the Panther's Scott Satler stopped the Rooster's Todd Byrne right in his tracks. It was a textbook maneuver and allowed the Panther's to go on and win their second premiership.

Two years later, in 2005, during a wild match between the North Queensland Cowboys and the West Tigers, a young player by the name of Benji Marshall awed fans by carrying out a flick pass that will certainly never be forgotten by Tigers fans.

Rugby League events continue to offer excitement and thrills to their worldwide fans. Thanks to the opportunity to watch live Rugby on tv, the number of fans has increased considerably. Just like with other sport on tv, Rugby League has created its own communities, loyal following, and legends. The game which started off as a protest has quickly become a world-class activity worthy of the greatest sporting events.


  1. How can I watch NRL matches involving the Gold Coast Titans in the UK?
  2. You can catch Gold Coast Titans matches on Sky Sports Arena, which offers dedicated NRL programming, ensuring you don't miss any of the thrilling action.
  3. When do Sydney Roosters games usually take place on TV?
  4. Sydney Roosters games, often broadcast on Sky Sports Action, are scheduled throughout the NRL season, providing fans with exciting matchups and rivalries.
  5. Are Brisbane Broncos matches available for viewing outside of Australia?
  6. Yes, you can watch Brisbane Broncos games on Sky Sports Arena and Sky Sports Action, giving international audiences access to their intense clashes and standout performances.
  7. How can I follow New Zealand Warriors' unique style of play from the UK?
  8. Tune in to Sky Sports Arena and Sky Sports Action to experience the New Zealand Warriors' distinct Maori and Polynesian influence, as they bring an international flavor to the NRL.