Sport Betting Guide: Tips for Beginners

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Beginner tips for sports bettors

Sports betting can be difficult and somewhat overwhelming at first, but not to worry. This guide has been carefully crafted to help you to get off to the best possible start and eliminate some potential risk.

Favourites and Underdogs

One of the first things you want to look out for when sports betting is who the favourites to win are. Let’s use Premier League football as an example, take Manchester City vs Crystal Palace:

  • Manchester City- 4/11 to win
  • Draw- 13/2
  • Crystal Palace- 12/1 to win

As you can see, Manchester City are the clear favourites with 4/11 odds, which equates to a 73.3% win probability. So, if you want to base your bets purely off of statistics then picking favourites is the way to go. This will give you a strong chance of winning every time you place a bet. The issue with this is that the return on favourites is usually quite poor, meaning you need to wager more money to make a good return.

Wagering £10 on Manchester City to beat Palace would return you just £11.81, a £1.18 profit from a £10 risk. Whereas a £10 wager on palace to win at 12/1 would return £130, a massive £120 profit. Sometimes it’s worth throwing a few quid at the underdog because in football, you simply never know.

Spread Betting

A popular bet type that you should be aware of is spread betting or betting against the spread. This is a very popular bet type in American sports, particularly the NFL and the NBA.

You are essentially betting on whether you think a certain team will lose or win by a certain number of points, let’s take the Indianapolis Colts and Tampa Bay Bucs as an example:

  • Colts- -9.5 at 0.91/1 (-110)
  • Bucs- +9.5 at 1.1/1 (+110)

The -9.5 for the Colts implies that they will need to win the game by more than 9.5 points for the bet to come in. Whereas the Bucs need to not lose by more than 9.5 points for their side to come in. It adds a bit more weight than just simply betting on the moneyline.

Totals or Over/Under Betting

Totals bets are another very popular betting type across all sport betting. The sportsbook will set a total of the two scores and you will choose whether you think the result will be over or under the number. For example:

  • Manchester City vs Manchester United
  • Total shots on target for both teams- 20
  • Over = -110
  • Under = +110

For this example, we’ve used total shots on target. This is a common one as football is generally a low score sport.

How to place a bet

Placing a bet is very simple and can be explained in five easy steps:

  • Choose a sportsbook
  • Register with the sportsbook
  • Deposit some cash
  • Pick a sport/league/game
  • Place that bet!

We recommend picking your favourite sport to start with and even sticking with one league while you get used to betting. Once you are comfortable, then start betting on other sports. Never bet on sports you don’t know about or on too many games!


Odds are what measure the likelihood of a given scenario occurring. There could be odds for literally anything and in sport there are odds for basically anything!

Odds usually come in three formats, fractional, decimal, and American. You can choose which format to use in the sportsbook app, the one largely used in the UK is fractional. Odds also translate to a win probability, which can be found by looking at an odds calculator.

Here is what they look like side by side:

  • Fractional: 12/1
  • Decimal: 13
  • American: +1200
  • Win Probability: 7.7%

These odds return £130 from a £10 stake.

If you’re confused with odds, there are plenty of odds converters and calculators online to assist youC.

Security and Legality of Online Sport Betting

Security is massively important in the world of sport betting and gambling in general. You want to know that your money and information is safe and that you’re guaranteed to be paid out when a victory occurs.

You’ll be glad to know that any sportsbook that is endorsed by us at TV Sport Guide is guaranteed to be fair, legitimate and legal. The sportsbooks will ensure your gambling responsibility in the best way that they can, by offering spend caps, wager limits and cool off periods.

Every sportsbook that we recommend is securely encrypted and 100% safe to use, we at TV Sport Guide do not promote or endorse any unsafe or illegal sportsbooks.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Aside from fun, the main purpose people bet is to make a quick buck, so banking options are very important. Most sportsbooks accept any major UK banks and PayPal. Some sites even accept e-wallets and crypto currencies to be used as payment methods which will be music to the ears of all you crypto traders.

Sportsbooks will also ask for proof of ID and even proof of address. They will want to see a valid passport or driver’s licence proving that you are aged 18+ as well as a document showing your address to prove you’re living in the UK. All of the information you provide will be encrypted so there is no chance of any data leaks.

How to pick a sportsbook

It’s all well and good knowing about sport, you also need to know about sportsbooks and which ones to choose.

We’d recommend signing up to as many sportsbooks as possible, simply because they all offer welcome bonuses, and you can claim them all. It may take time going through the registration process of multiple sportsbooks but when you’re testing the waters with free bets, you’ll know that it’s worth it.

The more sportsbooks you’re with, the more odds you’ll see too. Which means you’ll be able to hunt for the best possible odds.

Another key thing to look for is the website/app, you want to be with a sportsbook that has a clean and easy design, as well as being fast. The last thing you want is a slow app especially when betting in-play.

It’s also important to look at payout speed, banking options and in-app features. Some sportsbooks offer way more than others in these arenas. A couple that spring to mind are 888 and Bet365.


One of the most important things in the sport betting world is bonuses. Bonuses are what get you through the door, they’re what you see when signing up for a sportsbook, they’re what you see being advertised everywhere, they really are the cornerstone of a sportsbook and each sportsbook has a different way of doing it.

The most popular format of welcome bonus comes in the form of a deposit bonus. These bonuses occur after you deposit a certain amount of money.

For example: Deposit your first £10 to receive £50 in free betting credits.

This is a simple one that just requires you to make a singular deposit in order to receive the bonus. Something to look out for when scouring bonuses is whether the bonus funds are paid out in betting credits or cash. Cash based bonuses are always better because you can withdraw it straight away, whereas betting credits usually have playthrough requirements before it becomes withdrawable cash.

Always try to pick bonuses that match your betting style, you’d be surprised how many sportsbooks offer specific bonuses for certain bet types. A common one is live sport betting bonuses, usually in the form of free bet credits that can only be used on live markets.

Some give better bonuses for certain sports and events too. You will definitely see a lot of this when World Cup season rolls around.

You can claim welcome bonuses from as many sportsbooks as you like, but you can only make one account on each and claim the bonus once. Which makes sense. It might be worth holding off creating a few accounts until the World Cup rolls around on the 21st of November. It’s almost a guarantee that there will be some better bonuses for sport betting then.

Make sure to stay tuned with us at TVG during the World Cup to see all of the juicy odds and bonuses that will be around during that time and our sport betting tips!

As usual, make sure to gamble responsibly.


What do TV Sport Guide do?
TVSportGuide brings you the TV schedules for all major sports, As well as weekly sport betting tips for the top Premier league fixtures and reaction to breaking news across the world of European football.

Where can I bet on sports live?
888Sport, Bet365 and UniBet all cater for live sport betting and offer some great odds that are updated every minute. They are three of the best sports betting sites around.

Where can I find sport betting tips?
Right here! TVG offers great sport betting tips, particularly on Premier League, Champions League and World Cup football.

Which is the best UK sport betting site?
888Sport, Bet365 and Unibet are all excellent options for sport betting.

Where can I find sport betting tips for the World Cup?
Once again, right here! We at TV Sport Guide will be covering every single team and match at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar!

Author: Jude Sutcliffe