BT Sport TV Guide

BT Sport is a group of television channels which focus entirely on the sports world. Powered by BT Group, BT Sport is available as part of several packages, including ones from Virgin Media, Sky and, of course, BT TV. These channels broadcast the most important matches and competitions happening across the world. Viewers can, for example, enjoy watching live cricket on tv, or even their favourite rugby league on tv.

The group was launched in 2013 and quickly moved to acquire the rights to broadcast some of the most exciting competitions from around the globe. With BT Sport you can, for example, watch English football on tv since they have the rights to 46 Premier League matches every season. If you prefer an international football competition, you have the luxury of choice, with BT Sport offering you the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, amongst others.

If football is not really your sport, perhaps you enjoy watching a rugby league on tv. Here too, BT Sport offers a direct link to major competitions, including the European Rugby Challenge Cup and the Premiership Rugby Cup. Other popular broadcasts include the MotoGP, FIH Hockey World League, and the BDO World Darts Championship.

BT Sport 1

BT Sport 1 provides you with a range of thrilling sports championships and insights. If you enjoy watching English football on tv you will certainly find broadcasts which interest you. Since most matches tend to be in the evenings or on weekends, throughout the rest of the day you can watch a range of other sporting events, including American Basketball and Golf.

Beyond the actual sporting events, BT Sport 1 also provides you with several shows which analyse past sporting events and try to predict future results. Experiencing pundits and entertaining hosts keep you glued to your tv screen as they discuss a wide variety of hot topics and curiosities.

To calm you down after watching an exciting match of cricket on tv, you can tune in to one of a series of BT Sport Films. These films are very often based on people or events which helped shape the world of sport and provide little-known facts in the form of an entertaining story.

If you are insomniac or work a late-night shift, BT Sport 1 has a series of programmes which provide you with the highlights of the day’s and week’s competitions. A popular example of these is the Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy Series Highlights. Depending on the day of the week, you can catch an in-depth look at the world of UFC, including news on upcoming tournaments and a look back at the greatest fighters and fights.

BT Sport 2

BT Sport 2 complements BT Sport 1 and the other channels in the group by broadcasting unique sporting events and other related programming. The channel, like the rest of the group, is also available in HD, which makes the entire experience of watching live sport on tv extremely realistic.

Football, as one of the most favourite sport in the world, is not lacking on BT Sport 2. You can catch the German Bundesliga and the French Ligue 1, amongst other events. Rugby Highlights and shows are also available, so you can prepare yourself for a game by learning all about the teams and strategies, then watch live rugby on tv, and finally re-visit some of the most thrilling highlights. That’s your sporting day sorted.

Just like BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 features a selection of original and exclusive films which cover a story in-depth and provide you with a pleasant evening at home. These films are constantly changing and could cover anything from past legends of tennis to brewing rivalry between neighbour teams.