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Tour de France on TV and Stream

Tour de France on TV is one of the most viewed events in the cycling calendar. You can follow all the action right here on TV Sport Guide, where we provide a full broadcasting schedule for Tour de France on TV. Continue reading to not miss out on any Tour de France events on TV.

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Tour de France Today

Cycling enthusiasts wishing to tune into Tour de France on TV will be able to do so through Eurosport or Discovery+. Read on to find out how to gain access to Tour de France on TV and stream, as well as a full schedule of the event.

Tour de France 2024 TV Schedule

Stage Date Start/Finsih Channel/Stream
1 29 June Florence - Rimini Eurosport / Discovery+
2 30 June Cesenatico – Bologna Eurosport / Discovery+
3 1 July Piacenza – Turin Eurosport / Discovery+
4 2 July Pinerolo – Valloire Eurosport / Discovery+
5 3 July Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne – Saint-Vulbas Eurosport / Discovery+
6 4 July Macon – Dijon Eurosport / Discovery+
7 5 July Troyes – Troyes Eurosport / Discovery+
8 6 July Semur-en-Auxois – Colombey-les-Deux-Églises Eurosport / Discovery+
9 7 July Troyes – Troyes Eurosport / Discovery+
10 9 July Orleans – Saint-Amand-Montrond Eurosport / Discovery+
11 10 July Evaux-les-Bains – Le Lioran Eurosport / Discovery+
12 11 July Aurillac – Villeneuve-sur-Lot Eurosport / Discovery+
13 12 July Agen – Pau Eurosport / Discovery+
14 13 July Pau – Pla d’Adet Eurosport / Discovery+
15 14 July Loudenvielle – Plateau de Beille Eurosport / Discovery+
16 16 July Gruissan – Nîmes Eurosport / Discovery+
17 17 July Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux – Superdevoluy Eurosport / Discovery+
18 18 July Gap – Barcelonnette Eurosport / Discovery+
19 19 July Embrun – Isola 2000 Eurosport / Discovery+
20 20 July Nice – Col de la Couillole Eurosport / Discovery+
21 21 July Monaco – Nice Eurosport / Discovery+

What TV Channels Broadcast Tour de France 2024?

The broadcasting rights for Tour de France in the UK are held by Eurosport. Viewers will be able to watch the tournament on the following channels:

  1. Eurosport 1
  2. Eurosport 2

How to Watch Tour de France 2024?

There are several ways for users to gain access to Eurosport channels for Tour de France. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Select your preferred provider (Sky, TNT, Virgin Media).
  2. For TNT customers, you will need to purchase the ‘Big Sport’ or ‘VIP’ package to view Eurosport channels.
  3. For Sky customers, you can purchase Eurosport through Sky Sports for an extra £18 per month.
  4. For Virgin Media customers, Eurosport is available at no extra cost.
  5. Once you select your preferred provider, ensure that you have Eurosport in your bundle and begin watching!

Tour de France Live Stream

Tour de France will also be available to live stream on your mobile, tablet, or pc through Discovery+.

Available Streaming Platforms in UK

When it comes to Tour de France, viewers have the option of purchasing a Discovery+ subscription by either purchasing directly from Discovery itself, through Sky, or by having an Amazon Prime video membership.

How to Stream Tour de France

Here’s how you can stream Tour de France live in the UK:

  1. Select your preferred provider (Discovery, Sky, Amazon Prime).
  2. For Discovery customers, you can purchase a subscription directly from their website and begin viewing on all devices.
  3. For Sky Q, Sky Glass, and Sky Stream customers, you can access Discovery+ at no extra cost.
  4. For Amazon Prime Video members, you can add Discovery+ to your package for £6.99 per month.
  5. Once you’ve selected your preferred option, you will be able to begin streaming Tour de France live on all devices.

History Tour de France

The Tour de France is part of a series of 3-week-long races known as The Grand Tours. The Grand Tours are the only races that are allowed to last longer than 14 days, and apart from the Tour de France, there are the Giro d'Italia and the Vuelta a España.

Whilst each one of The Grand Tours is pretty significant, the Tour de France is considered the most important out of the 3, to the extent that it's even considered to be the most important cycling race on the globe. This is partly because the Tour de France is the oldest of The Grand Tours.

The Tour de France premiered in 1903 as a 6-day race, in hopes of increasing sales of the now-defunct sports newspaper known as L'Auto. The race was a tremendous success and sales of L'Auto skyrocketed. This eventually led to the race being extended and improved upon, until it came to be what we know and love today!


Is the Tour de France on TV?

Yes, Tour de France will be broadcast live on TV in the UK.

What TV Channels is the Tour de France on?

Viewers will be able to watch Tour de France live on Eurosport 1 and 2.

When does the Tour de France start?

Tour de France starts on June 29th.

How to watch the Tour de France 2024?

You can watch the Tour de France by subscribing to Eurosport or Discovery+.

Can I stream the Tour de France online?

Yes, you can stream Tour de France through Discovery+.

Where to watch tour de France 2024?

Viewers can watch Tour de France live on Eurosport 1, 2, or Discovery+.

Who won the tour de France last year?

Tour de France was won by Danish cyclist Jonas Vingegaard in 2023.