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AFC Bournemouth on TV and Stream

Enjoy a complete schedule of all televised and streamed AFC Bournemouth matches on TV for the 2022/23 season. Bournemouth have won the second and third tiers of English football, and were twice runners-up of the fourth tier. Watch Bournemouth on TV

19 Aug



AFC Bournemouth v Tottenham Hotspur

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Historical Background

When you think of the seaside town of Bournemouth, football would probably the last thing that  comes to mind. However, this soon became a thing of the past, when they surprised many and broke into the top-flight football a few years back. They have so far surpassed all expectations and Bournemouth on TV are some of the most anticipated football tv events in the premier league.

Bournemouth first stated operations 120 years ago, but back then, they were known as Boscombe St. John's Institute F.C and only took their current title in the 1970s.

Bournemouth FC's History as a football club was for a long time lacking note. Having spent much of their history bouncing around the lower leagues and although with some success in League One and Two in the 70s and 80s, they were generally mediocre and not much of a football on tv spectacle.

However, since the turn of the century, they have been to the bottom and back to the top and the past 20 years have been some of the most exciting in the club history and they have become an examplary underdog story.

Decline and Administration

Bournemouth's survival as a club was very much in doubt in 2008. After a run of poor finances, they were in debt of £4 million and were deducted 10 points because they went into administration and led them to be relegated to League Two. Things got worse rapidly, and they were almost not allowed to compete in the league due to insolvency rules and were deducted points from the get-go and managers came and went.

That was until former player Eddie Howe, still just 31, took over and local businessman, Adam Murry brought the club. With these two new faces in the fold, they managed to stay up by the skin of their teeth in the final game of the season, where countless fans watching Bournemouth on TV breathed a sigh of relief.

Rise to Premier League/Premier League Period

This was the beginning of a golden era in the club's history and just one year later, they had achieved promotion to the League One. Although Howe left, they managed to keep momentum and maintained their position in this league for two years until Howe returned.

He again did wonders and they were promoted to the Championship. They spent just two seasons there before gaining another promotion in 2015 to reach Premier League for the first in their history, again in a dramatic final game of the season win. 

They were relegated in the 2019/20 season, but will now make their return to the Premier League under manager Scott Parker.Premier League today.

Noteworthy Stats

Their formermanager and the man who led them to the Premier League, Eddie Howe was the youngest manager in the football league when he took the reigns in 2008 and saved them from relegation, before achieving promotion a year later.

Memorable TV Moments 

In the last few years, Bournemouth on TV has shown two of the most exciting Football on TV moments in their history. 

Of course, the final game regulation survival was impressive, but this was only overshadowed by their promotion to the Premier League 5 years later. Both epic Bournemouth on TV moments which has meant the Bournemouth tv listings are looked forward to every week by fans.