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Derby County on TV and Stream

Enjoy a complete schedule of all televised and streamed Derby County matches on TV for the 2019/2020 season. Derby County is notable for its participation in the EFL Cup and FA Cup.

There are no upcoming events for Derby County. Live Football on TV Schedule.

Historical Background

Derby County Football Club is a professional football club that participates in the EFL Championship, the second highest division of professional football in England! Moreover, this team was one of the founding members of the EFL (English Football League) in 1888!

The club was founded in 1884 in Derby, Derbyshire by William Morley as a branch of the Derbyshire County Cricket Club. The club has uninterruptedly competed in English leagues since its beginning, competing in the top 2 for almost every year of its existence!

Make Way for the Rams!

This fantastic team, nicknamed The Rams as a tribute to the First Regiment of Derby Militia who have a ram as their mascot, have been a force to be reckoned with for 135 years! Every football fan should watch Derby County on TV, and here are the reasons why!


Starting off as a branch of the Derby County Cricket Club, the team started playing at Pattonair County Cricket Ground. Although it sufficed as a ground, there was much contention between the cricket and football clubs about reserving the ground for matches.

So, in 1895, the team moved to Sir Francis Ley's Baseball Ground, or as fans liked to call it: the BBG. The team stayed for 102 years, that is, until 1997, when they moved to the then-newly built Pride Park Stadium, as part of the reclamation of Pride Park!

Colours and Badge

It didn't seem to take this team long to decide on their kit's colours! Between 1884 and 1894, the team played in striped shirts with the colours chocolatecyan, and amber. That was until deciding on their current colours black and white

Their badge, however, wasn't as easy: in 1924 they introduced a badge for only 2 years. Then, in 1934, another badge was created featuring a shield, a Tudor rose, a crown, and a ram's head. This was then modified in 1946 to feature solely the ram's head and the initials DC (Derby County) and FC (Football Club).

Then, in 1971, came the final major change in design: the new badge featured a stylised ram. However, the current design, finalised in 2009, uses the same ram encircled by a frame containing the team's name with the words 'Est. 1884' beneath it,

Key Players 

David Nugent, the team's striker, is one of the team's best players, earning an average rating of 6.8 in 2018! Not far behind are Jayden Bogle and Mason Bennett, who were both tied for the average rating of 6.7 in 2018! Then there's Scott Carsen, the team's goalkeeper, who earned an average rating of 6.3 in 2018!


In 2009, the International Federation of Football History & Statistics ranked this team as the 137th best team of the 20th century out of a total of 200 teams. Not bad, huh?  Moreover, they won 2 First Division Leagues4 Second Division Leagues and the 1946 FA Cup!

When is Derby County on TV?

Reading about this fantastic team must have put you in the mood for some football on TV and live stream! Checking football TV listings, especially Derby County TV listings and Premier League TV listings, will make sure you'll see Derby County on live stream, Premier League on TV and live stream, and the FA Cup on TV!