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Sheffield United on TV and Stream

The Blades slice through the competition! Owing to Sheffield's renowned and most prominent  cutlery producer in England, this marvellous team paid tribute with its nickname. If like us, you love a good game, and would like to watch this team in action on screen, keep a look out for all the latest updates on our tv schedule, here! Don't believe us yet? Watch the Premier League season 2020/2021 

There are no upcoming events for Sheffield United. Live Football on TV Schedule.

Historical Background

Sheffield United Football Club is a professional football club that competes in the EFL (English Football LeagueChampionship, England's second-highest division of professional football! They were formed in 1889 as a branch of the Sheffield United Cricket Club.

The team immediately went professional after its creation, and went on to play some excellent football throughout its career! In fact, they've recently been promoted to the Premier League after winning 2nd place in the EFL Championship!

Colours and Crest

The original kit of the Blades, used between 1889-1891, consisted of white shirtsnavy-blue shorts and socks. Then, white shirts with narrow red stripes started being used in 1891, with the stripes being widened in 1894, giving us the familiar red-and-white striped shirts.

The first crest appeared in 1890 on the original kits for 1 season: it was a red shield containing the club's initials and a coat-of-arms very similar to the city's coat-of-arms. Then, between 1965-1977, the team used the Sheffield coat-of-arms as their official crest. 

This was until an original design by one of the former players, Jimmy Hagan, was used as a crest. This crest, which has largely remained unchanged since then, featured 2 crossed scimitars, the White Rose of York above, and a red border with the words Sheffield United F.C. and the date of the club's foundation.


The Blades didn't have a tough time finding a stadium! In fact, they've been playing at the same stadium, Bramall Lane, since their inception!

Rivalry with Sheffield Wednesday

The Blades' sworn enemies are their neighbours, Sheffield Wednesday. Whenever the two face each other on the field, the matches are known as Steel City Derbies, due to Sheffield's significant steel industry. The rivalry has a long history, all the way to 1890, when they had their first match.

Notable Honours

The Blades' have an impressive track-record that proves that they're one of the best! They've won the Football League First Division once, the Football League North once, the Football League Second Division once, the Football League Third Division once, the Football League Fourth Division once, and the FA Cup 4 times!

Key Players

The Blades have some sharp players in their midst, but here are their best: firstly, there's David McGoldrick who scored 15 goals this season and who won Player of the Year in 2019! Then we have John Fleck who won Player of the Year 2 years in a row, in 2017 and 2018! Last, but not least, there's Oliver Norwood who scored 3 goals and who holds a rating of 7.39!

Sheffield United Streaming

After reading about the magnificent Blades, we bet you're excited to watch them play some fantastic football on TV and live stream! But, you don't know when to watch them? We suggest looking up Sheffield United TV fixtures to check when is Sheffield United on TV either today or in the coming days!