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Betfred Super League on TV and Stream

A 12-Club structure league, the Super League embodies the pinnacle of the Rugy league series. It is underpinned by two lower Leagues, the BetFred Championship and beneath that the BetFred League 1. The structure of the League is such that one team will always be relegated out of the two upper Leagues allowing clubs to move up and down the series and ultimately have a stab at the championship title. Never miss a game and be sure to keep an eye out on the latest game shceudle right here!


8 Jul



Bradford Bulls RLFC v Newcastle Thunder

Betfred Super League

  • Premier Sports 1
9 Jul



Wakefield Trinity Wildcats v Toulouse Olympique XIII

Betfred Super League


St Helens v Wigan Warriors

Betfred Super League

Historical Background

The Super League was founded in 1996 and from its start was designed to be a feature of any tv sports guide. Conceived by Rupert Murdoch in a time when he was seeking to dominate televised tvsport in Australia. Later, he approached several clubs in the UK with a view to putting his concept into action.

From the start the league consisted of 12 teams, eleven of which were from the UK with one, Paris Saint-Germain coming from France. Over the years the number of teams fluctuated slightly ultimately settling on the now familiar and original 12. Another French team was introduced and the league grew in popularity amongst spectators.

By 2019 the league was cemented as the pinnacle of both league and championship games. Teams would compete in a total of 29 games ending in the top 5 teams competing against each other in plays-offs to determine the final winners. Whichever team finds themselves in 12th place would be relegated.

League Structure & Clubs

The Super League follows a 12-Club structure and represents the pinnacle of the Rugy league series. The Super League is underpinned by two lower Leagues, the BetFred Championship and beneath that the BetFred League 1.

The structure of the League is such that one team will always be relegated out of the two upper Leagues allowing clubs to move up and down the series and ultimately have a stab at the championship title.

In all, there have been 22 clubs who have participated in the Super League since its inception, though only 21 have survived.

Champions & Awards

The Current Champions are the Wigan Warriors who have made their way to the finals six times in the since 2010, and winning the title four times. Their performance has been closely matched by the Leeds Rhinos who have entered the finals four times, winning on each occasion.

At each stage of the competition a player from each match is awarded the 'man of steel' title. The accolade is reflective of their prowess and contribution to key elements of the match. For anyone who is a fan of tv sport this can often be a hotly debated issue.


Coaches are of course the bedrock of a good game and can make or break live sports on tv, and this is no less the case at the Super league. Spectators who feel their team is being led badly whilst watching from home can easily tune out. Not so much the case for those on site.

This is why the rugby-league put a lot of effort to recruit and train coaches to the highest standards. With a number of training programs available, and a standard and transparent process, coaches are able to employ the latest techniques to get the best out of their teams.

Coaches are licensed and undergo rigorous vetting to ensure that they are competent and trustworthy to work safely with and develop new talent.

Notable Players

Perhaps one of the most successful players in the current series is Mike McMeeken who has already racked up the most number of tries playing for the Castleford Tigers. Having played professionally for over seven years, and representing England at international level, his tenacity and determination on the second row are a clear strength for the Tigers.

Equally impressive are the 630 successful attacking tackles made by Danny Houghton who plays Hooker for Hull FC. A lifelong Hull player, this impressive body count and his ability to get up and carry on have made him a valuable asset in the Hull FC arsenal. Definitely a player who will generate some stirring and calculated action as you watch the betfred super league on tv.

Competition Rules

There are 29 games during the Super League, the majority of which are part of the regular season. This consists of teams playing their opponents twice. Once at home and once at their competitors ground.

Midway through the tournament there is a side event known as the Magic Weekend. Here one of the rounds is played at a stadium outside of the normal circuit, primarily aimed at raising the profile of the game. All the teams still in the running will usually compete at one stadium over one weekend, making it both a feat of endurance and some of the best sports today on tv.

The season culminates with a series of play-offs among the top five teams. The system used is akin to several others used internationally and takes place over four weeks and ending with the Grand Final which determines the Championship winners.

Records and Stats

The Magic Weekend has seen some recurring winners, suggesting the environment might be suited to some teams more than others. The Wigan Warriors, Huddersfield Giants and Castleford Tigers have all won the Magic Weekend 8 times over the years, making them the most consistent champions in the league.

The biggest win in the history of the Super League, and a club record, was in 2001 when Bradford beat Wigan 37-6. A sad day for Wigan.

Wigan were also present at another record-setting day in 2015 when they were one half of the game against Leeds. This game saw the most spectators ever to attend a match, with number reaching in excess of 73,000.

As a final and glorious tip 'o the hat to the spectacular performance of the players, Jamie Peacock holds the record for the most appearances in the Grand Final, clocking up an impressive 11 games spanning from 2001 to 2015.