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Formula 1 on TV and Stream

Formula 1 is, without a doubt, a petrolhead's favourite sport, combining world-class drivers with cars equipped with tomorrow's technology. The sport oozes elegance, passion, and excitement, with events and races organized all over the world. Whilst its over 350 million fans cannot be on the track on every race, they eagerly watch Formula 1 on tv, no matter where they are located.

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Historical Background

At the turn of the 19th century, the invention of the car brought with it the invention of the car race. By the early 20th century, the European Grand Prix Motor Racing was created due to the demand for an international championship. Whilst the two world wars slowed down progress on racing rules, by 1950 the world witnessed the first Formula 1 event in Silverstone, UK. From then on, the event grew every year, and today welcomes a total of 20 drivers and 10 manufacturers who compete across the world in 21 different tracks.

British Dominance 

Since its inception in 1950, Formula 1 has witnessed ten British champions who won a total of 17 championships between them. This dominance by Britain is also evident in the list of car manufacturers, with seven with a base in the country. It all began in 1958 when Mike Hawthorn won the championship in a Vanwall.

The British were also the first to introduce a monocoque structure made out of a sheet of aluminum. This allowed their racing green Lotus to beat the competition and dominate race after race.

Grand Prix

The Grand Prix was invented in France at the start of the 20th century. The race was as much a test of driving skill as it was of endurance, with each lap being 105km long and each race made up of six laps. Over time the Grand Prix became what is now known as the formula racing, which, of course, includes Formula 1.

Top Drivers

Formula 1 is a sport which is characterized primarily by its drivers, so the best amongst these inevitably find legendary status thanks to their fans. Without a doubt, Ayrton Senna fits this description perfectly. Senna was not only a celebrated driver, winning three Formula 1 titles, but he also became a legend when his career, and life, ended abruptly in 1994.

Tragedy also struck the great Michael Schumacher, who suffered serious brain injuries in a 2013 skiing accident. By then he had already retired, twice, from an illustrious career which saw him win 7 championship titles. This is a record he still holds to this day.

Another driver who is extremely well regarded by his fans is Fernando Alonso. The winner of two Formula 1 championships is known for being able to win even when driving inferior cars. Those who watch live racing sport on tv would sometimes be surprised to see him in other races too, such as Le Mans and Daytona.

No list of Formula 1 top drivers would be complete, without Juan Manuel Fangio, Alain Prost, and the current title holder, Lewis Hamilton. All of these drivers deserve to be celebrated as courageous and skilled individuals who helped shape Formula 1 into the entertaining event loved by millions.

Memorable TV Moments 

No other sport is so closely followed by tv cameras than Formula 1. Every single race attracts millions of fans who tune in to watch this live sport on tv. It is not surprising, therefore, to learn that there are plenty of surprising, fascinating, and sobering moments recorded forever.

Without a doubt, a moment which will remain embedded in the hearts of all who were watching is the San Marino race of 1994. This is the race which ended Ayrton Senna's life and would go down in history as one of the darkest days in Formula 1. What many people do not realize is that earlier that same day an audience member was also killed by a wheel following a crash.

Another moment which left audiences speechless, for a completely different reason, occurred during the 2008 Brazillian Grand Prix. In the final lap, Massa's victory appeared almost certain, so when he crossed the line first the celebrations began. However, unbeknown to Massa, Hamilton managed a last-minute overtake of Glock, winning his first championship title.

A long time before these events took place, audiences were treated to a spectacular show of rivalry between Rene Arnoux and Gilles Villeneuve. During the 1979 Dijon race, the duo spent the last couple of laps dangerously overtaking and touching wheels in order to secure second place. There were no crashes, so whoever was watching the live sport on tv was treated to a very unusual and entertaining event.

Formula 1 is, by far, the most spectator sport out there, as only a few talented drivers get their place behind the wheel. This is probably why the sport enjoys such a massive fanbase around the world who tune in regularly to watch this sport on tv.

2023 Formula 1 Drivers

  • 44. Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes
  • 63. George Russell - Mercedes

  • 1. Max Verstappen - Red Bull
  • 11. Sergio Perez - Red Bull

  • 16. Charles Leclerc - Ferrari
  • 55. Carlos Sainz Jr - Ferrari

  • 4. Lando Norris - Mclaren
  • 3. Daniel Ricciardo - Mclaren

  • 14. Fernando Alonso - Alpine
  • 31. Esteban Ocon - Alpine

  • 10. Pierre Gasly - Alpha Tauri
  • 22. Yuki Tsunoda - Alpha Tauri

  • 5. Sebastian Vettel - Aston Martin
  • 18. Lance Stroll - Aston Martin

  • 77. Valtteri Bottas - Alfa Romeo
  • 24. Zhou Guanyu - Alfa Romeo

  • 6. Nicholas Latifi - Williams
  • 23. Alex Albon - Williams

  • 9. Kevin Magnussen - Haas
  • 47. Mick Schumacher - Haas