EPL Derby Showdown: October 2023

Epic Rivalries Reignited

October is bringing some thrilling derby matches in the English Premier League (EPL). The matchups between Liverpool and Everton, Chelsea and Arsenal, and Manchester United and Manchester City are all lined up. These games are not just regular football matches; they are rivalries steeped in history. 

First up, on October 21, is the match between Liverpool and Everton at Anfield. This game is always a big deal for football fans in Merseyside. Players like Mohamed Salah from Liverpool and Dominic Calvert-Lewin from Everton are the ones to watch. 

Later the same day, Chelsea and Arsenal face off at Stamford Bridge in what’s always an exciting London derby. Key players like Romelu Lukaku for Chelsea and Bukayo Saka for Arsenal are expected to show some magic on the field. 

Then, on the 29th, Manchester United and Manchester City clash at Old Trafford. This Manchester derby is a fierce competition with star players like Bruno Fernandes from United and Kevin De Bruyne from City leading the charge. 

These derbies are about more than just football; they carry the excitement and hopes of the fans. And they could really mix up the league standings, making the title race even more interesting. 

Be sure to check out the infographic below to dive deeper into these upcoming derby matches. It’s got all the details – from key players to memorable moments from past games. Don’t miss it! 

EPL derby showdown October 2023