Player Spotlight: Rodri 

Rodri, born Rodrigo Hernández Cascante on June 22, 1996, in Madrid, Spain, is a footballing maestro renowned for his exceptional skills as a defensive midfielder. Standing tall at 190cm, he has carved a niche for himself in the footballing world, playing for top clubs like Atlético Madrid and Manchester City.  

His journey from Spain to England showcases his adaptability and prowess on the field. With a keen sense for intercepting the ball and dictating the tempo of the game, Rodri has become an indispensable asset for both his club and the Spanish national team. His contributions extend beyond his defensive duties, as evidenced by his goal-scoring record, making him a multifaceted player in modern football. 

From the heart of Madrid to the bustling streets of Manchester, delve into the illustrious journey of Rodri, the midfield maestro. 

Here is a list of significant numbers in Rodri’s career: 

Player Spotlight Rodri