euro 2024 group tables (Photo by Odd Andersen / AFP)

How many teams in the Euro 2024?

This summer brings one of the most coveted sporting events in the world with the UEFA EURO 2024, which will be played in Germany from June 14th to July 14th. In this article, we take a closer look at how many countries will participate, and how qualification works.

How many teams qualify for Euro 2024?

For the UEFA EURO 2024, there are a total of 24 countries that qualify for the tournament. It will be the third championship with this many teams since the decision was made to expand the number of participants back in 2008. This change took effect from the 2016 edition of the Euros.

Prior to this change, there were just 16 teams that participated in every Euros between 1996-2012, eight teams from 1980-1992, and four teams from the first iteration in 1960 until 1976.

How does the qualification process for Euro 2024 work?

For qualification for the Euros in 2024, the member countries of UEFA (

 (a total of 53 for the 2024 tournament) were divided into 10 groups. The teams were divided into six different pots, determined by their ranking (seeding) from the UEFA Nations League 2022.

Seven of the groups in the qualifiers contained five teams, while three groups had six teams. In the qualifiers, each team played each other twice; once at home and once away. The two best countries from each group went directly to the Euros, while the last three places are awarded via play-offs.

How are teams allocated spots for Euro 2024?

For EURO 2024, the 24 places in the tournament will be distributed as follows:

  1. Host country (Germany)
  2. 20 teams via qualification process
  3. 3 teams via play-offs

How many teams qualify for Euro 2024 from each group?

From the qualification for the 2024 European Football Championship, a total of 23 countries qualify, as Germany are pre-qualified as the host country. Of these, 20 countries come from the Euro qualification itself, while the last three tickets are awarded to the winners of each level (A, B and C) in the play-offs.

With 10 groups in qualifying and 20 qualifying spots, it becomes simple math; the top two teams from each group will go directly to Euro 2024. Depending on which countries managed to secure these two places, the 12 remaining top-ranked teams from the previous Nations League went to the play-offs, where the three winners get the last places.

How is the qualification from each group determined for Euro 2024?

To qualify for the 2024 European Football Championship, a country had to ensure that it was among the two best teams in its group. These received a direct ticket to the championship in Germany, where a total of 20 teams qualify in this way.

The last three teams qualify via their position from the Nations League 2022, where one winner from the play-off for the A, B and C level respectively goes to the Euros.

How many teams advance from the group stage to the knockout rounds in Euro 2024?

In the main tournament in EURO 2024 itself, 16 countries will advance from the group stage to the play-offs (round of 8). This includes the top two teams from each of the six groups, making a total of 12 teams. The last four places go to the four best-ranked teams that finished third in their group.

How are teams ranked within their groups during the Euro 2024 qualification phase?

In both the qualifiers and the main tournament, the teams in the groups are ranked according to their results against the other teams, with the teams with the most points finishing highest. In the event of a tie, one team will be ranked ahead of the other by looking at the two teams’ head-to-head matches. If you are still tied, you then look at the total goal difference from the group stage.