Premier League Odds and Lines Explained

Premier League Odds

The FA Premier League began back in 1992, after the teams of what was then known as the First Division decided to break away from the rest of the English Football League (EFL) in order to reap the benefits of a mega TV deal with Sky.

Since then, the Premier League has continued on a consistent upward trajectory. More sponsors, more money, but more importantly – high quality and entertaining football for fans.

Premier League betting is a favourite of most EU bettors, this is not just down to the popularity of the sport either. Premier League odds have great merit, the Premier League betting market is so strong and extensive. There are a plethora of different Premier League odds to bet on!

Premier league Basics and Format

League Table Format

The Premier League holds 20 teams, with certain positions in the table equating to different rewards or forfeits. Each team plays each other home and away, with a total of 38 games per team over the course of a season.

The Premier League is scored by a points system that translates to a league table. A win is worth three points, a draw is a point each and a defeat gets you nothing. There is only one team in the history of the league who have not lost a game throughout a 38-game season. That Arsenal side of 2003/04 known as “The Invincibles”.

The bottom three positions in the league, 18th, 19th and 20th all mean relegation from the Premier League to the EFL Championship. You can find Premier League relegation odds throughout the season and place bets on who you think will face the drop.

A similar and equally popular market to bet on is the managerial sack. Premier League sack odds are very interesting, usually the managers who are favourites to be sacked are managers of relegation candidates. This can make for some exciting double bets. For example:

  • Jesse Marsch to be sacked and Leeds United to be relegated at 12/1

Places 17th-8th mean nothing really for Premier League odds and the league in general. 7th place onwards is where things start to get interesting as that’s where qualification for the elite European tournaments begins.

The winner of the League Cup will be granted a place in the UEFA Europa Conference League. However, if the winner has already qualified through a top six position in the league table, then this spot will be granted to the side that finishes 7th in the league. Similarly, the winner of the FA Cup will be granted a place in the UEFA Europa League, but this will be given to the sixth placed team in the league, should the FA Cup winner already be in the top five.

It’s not everyone’s favourite, but it does have a major selling point- winning the competition will allow access into the first tier competition:

The fabled UEFA Champions League, football’s most watched club competition. It’s a very special stage. Premier League teams can earn a place by finishing 4th or above. Betting on Premier League top 4 odds is very popular, one of the most popular outright Premier League betting markets. This is because the top four race usually involves big clubs and can offer great odds if you wager at the right time.

The UEFA Champions League begins with a group phase consisting of four teams per group. From each group, the top two teams will qualify to the knockout stages. The same points system applies, where 3 points are awarded for a win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 for a loss. The knockout stage begins at the Last-16 phase and continues until the final. Each knockout stage consists of 2 games, where teams will play each other at home and away. The final consist of a single knockout game. LeoVegas and Bet365 offer dedicated outright betting markets for UEFA’s top competitions.

When Does the Premier League Start?

The season typically starts in August, with games happening pretty much every week. A key date for Premier League odds is Boxing Day, the day after Christmas. There are plenty of games during the day, and after a long Christmas, putting your feet up and betting on some Premier League odds is the perfect cure.   

There are some small breaks from the league where players meet up with their countries to play international football. You can also bet on these fixtures!

The season usually ceases in May, giving clubs a few months to rejuvenate for the new season and sign new players.

The Brand of Premier League

The most successful team in the history of the Premier League is Manchester United, they have won the league a whopping thirteen times since it began in 1992. All of these league triumphs came under the league’s most successful manager, Sir Alex Ferguson.

He was the manager of Man United for 26 years, at the start of his tenure he vowed to ‘knock Liverpool off their perch’ and it’s fair to say he did that. However, since his departure from United, Liverpool have been far more successful. Something to keep in mind when betting.

The rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool is one of many. Some other noteworthy rivalries are:

  • Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur
  • Manchester United and Manchester City
  • Arsenal and Manchester United
  • Tottenham and Chelsea
  • Liverpool and Everton

The ‘Big 6’

All of these clubs come under a category known as the ‘Big 6’; these are essentially just the biggest six clubs in the league. They usually occupy the first six places in the table. When teams in the ‘Big 6’ face each other there are usually great odds and boosts by sportsbooks. For example:

Scorecast boost- Mohamed Salah to score first and Liverpool to win 2-1 vs Manchester United- 18/1

The most popular Premier League players

Another major selling point of betting on Premier League odds is the players. The Premier League is and has been the home of some of the greatest players the world has ever seen. The most notable of them all being Cristiano Ronaldo. He played in the Premier League for Manchester United from 2003-2009 and then again from 2021- present day.

Here are a few more of the most successful Premier League players ever:

  • Ryan Giggs
  • John Terry
  • Gary Neville
  • Thierry Henry
  • Frank Lampard

Premier League Betting

Premier League betting is extremely popular for a reason, there is an extensive number of markets that bettors can choose to bet on.

Main Markets for Premier League Betting

One of the most popular markets offered by bookmakers is the accumulator bet. If you’ve never heard of an accumulator or parlay bet, then let me explain- the idea is to combine multiple variables into one bet and they must all come in for the bet to be a winner. This can boost Premier League odds massively. For example:

Man Utd to win, Arsenal to win, Chelsea to win, Ronaldo to score, Saka to score, Sterling to score- 18/1

If everything came in but Sterling failed to score, the bet loses. Accumulators make for the biggest wins and toughest heartbreaks, gamble with caution!

Another very popular Premier League betting type is prop betting. This involves betting on a specific player to do something in the game. Some of the most popular prop bets, using Mo Salah as an example, are:

  • Mo Salah to be carded- 6/1
  • Mo Salah to score first- 10/3
  • Mo Salah to score in both halves- 5/1

Asian handicap betting is a form of spread betting that is very popular among Premier League bettors. Teams are handicapped according to their form so that the favourite has to win by more goals. It can be very interesting and it’s easily accessible on Bet365.

Outright betting is also hugely popular, Premier League outright odds can be very lucrative, particularly when betting on Premier League winners.

Moreover, home advantage in the Premier League is something not to be underestimated. After the return of fans to stadiums following the pandemic, we witnessed the power of home support return.

For example, Arsenal achieved an average of 2.16 points per game when playing at home last season. However, they only managed 1.47 points per game when playing away from home. More statistics on this subject can be found here.

Best sportsbooks for Premier League odds

Two sportsbooks in particular come to mind when discussing the best Premier League sportsbooks. These being Bet365 and LeoVegas. Both offer an extensive range of Premier League odds for each and every game. There is something for everyone.

Both have great apps that make for easy navigation. Some betting apps can be hectic and enough to scare a newbie off, but Bet365 and LeoVegas have exceptionally easy sites to use. They both have plenty of banking options too, so when your Premier League betting begins to flourish, you’ll have an easy time withdrawing those winnings!

Why choose Premier League betting?

The Premier League is not only a prestigious, competitive sporting league with loads of entertainment value, it is also one of the most supported major sports leagues in the betting world. There are just so many markets to choose from, if you can think of it, you can probably bet on it.

This makes it very accessible to anyone, even people who don’t have a clue about the sport can stick a bit of cash on something. Premier League betting is also very safe and legal, meaning you won’t get in any sort of trouble if you stick by the rules! Bet365 and LeoVegas are both securely encrypted, so your money and information is always safe.

What Premier League odds should you bet on?

If you’re struggling or don’t know what Premier League odds to bet on, TVG are here to help. Our dedicated team will have predictions and picks rolling out throughout the Premier League season. Starting with some outright predictions on the following:

  • Premier League winner odds
  • Premier League top scorer odds
  • Premier League relegation odds
  • Premier League sack odds


How does Premier League handicap betting work?
Premier League Asian handicaps are a form of spread betting, teams are given handicaps based on form, making the Premier League odds tougher for favourites as they need to win by more goals.

What are the odds of winning the Premier League?
Premier League title odds are variable depending on the team. We would recommend betting on one of the top four teams to win the title, but don’t write off small clubs, the relegation-favourite side, Leicester, remarkably won the Premier League in 2016.

The odds for Manchester City to win the league again are 4/7, via Bet365.

What were the odds of Leicester winning the Premier League?
The odds were a whopping 5000/1 and there are some crazy success stories.

How to bet on the Premier League?
Choose a market, choose your odds and place that bet! If you’re struggling, stay tuned for our extensive guides!