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Women's World Cup on TV and Stream

FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 is going to be played in Australia and New Zealand, where it will be hosted in nine cities across. On this page you will be able to find groups, TV-listings and fixtures list for the whole tournament. Kicking off on July 20th with the final taking place on the 20th of August. To follow England's Lionesses bookmark this page! Enjoy a complete schedule of all streamed and televised Women's World Cup matches for the season. Be sure to catch all the latest games right here!

Historical Background

As previously mentioned, the Women's World Cup is a relatively new sector of football. The first ever tournament of its liking was an unofficial event held in Italy in 1970. Several similar tournaments would follow in later years, but it was not until 1991 that an official event would take place.

Prior to 1991 was a 1988 provisional event held in China by FIFA, to determine whether or not an official and global Women's World Cup would be possible at all. 12 national teams participated in the event, with Norway's team emerging as the victor. All in all, the event was hugely successful.

Then came the first official event in 1991, where it did not take long to become one of the most popular live sport on TV, as the popularity of the Women's World Cup has been all but waning! In fact, in 1999, the roster of teams was extended from the initial 12 to 16, with a further increase to 24 teams in 2015

It's Their Turn Now!

Isn't it about time that women get their chance in the spotlight when it comes to sport on TV? If you agree, then look no further, for the Women's World Cup has plenty of limelight to shed! Although it is a relatively ‘young’ section of football on tv, the Women's World Cup has quickly become a well-loved sport on TV today!

For example, the 2015 edition of the Women's World Cup holds the record as being the most viewed football tv match in the history of the United States on TV, with almost 23 million viewers! That's more viewers than the 2015 NBA Finals! It must have been one hell of a show!

Rules of the Sport & Format

The rules and format of the Women's World Cup are identical to those of the regular World Cup. So, much like the World Cup, the Women's World Cup takes place every 4 years and is presided over by FIFA, the official governing body for both World Cups, and other similar tournaments.

In the 3 years that precede the tournament proper, FIFA holds the qualification phase where 23 national teams will be chosen to participate in the Women's World Cup. The 24th team is automatically chosen as the national team of the country which will be hosting the event. 

However, even the qualification phase makes for an enjoyable live sport on TV! After the teams are chosen, they will play against each other at the host nation, attempting to gain as many points as possible through wins, in order to gain a place in the finals, where they have the chance to win the entire tournament!

All-Time Performances

There are four teams in particular that have been wiping the floor with the competition and taking all the victories for themselves! Firstly, there is the United States, that have been destroying the competition since the first Women's World Cup, winning the tournament 3 times thus far!

There there is Germany, who aren't lagging far behind the United States with wins (first in 2003 and then in 2007) under their collective belt! Finally, there is a tie between 2 teams: Norway and Japan, where both teams won the tournament once each, Norway in 1995 and Japan in 2011.

Most Noteworthy Players and Team Records

As mentioned before, the girls of the United States national team have proven themselves to be excellent footballers (unlike their male counterparts!) by being the winners of the first official Women's World Cup in 1991, the 1999 and 2015 editions of the Women's World Cup, making them three-time champions!

Speaking of which, there are plenty of other excellent female footballers amongst the ranks, one of whom is Japan's Homare Sawa. Sawa shares a record with Brazil's Miraildes Maciel Mota (also known as Formiga, Portuguese for 'ant') for appearing times in the World Cup!

Sawa realised her passion for football at the young age of 6, and it did not take her long to become one of the best; she scored 83 goals in her career and was hailed as the FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year in 2011, after scoring the goal that eventually led Japan to victory!

Next up we have Abby Wambach from the United States, who currently holds the record for the player with most goals scored in the United States, with an astonishing 182 goals scored! Wambach has proven herself to be a stupendous player and receiving the FIFA World Player of the Year in 2012 shows it!

Last, but definitely not least on our list is Mariel Magret 'Mia' Hamm, also from the United States. Hamm is one of the most famous female footballers around, appearing in an incredible 275 international games and scoring an impressive 158 goals throughout her career! 

She is considered as one of the greatest footballers by none other than Pelé himself! And, Hamm's having won the FIFA Women's World Player of the Year twice, first in 2001 and then in 2002, simply goes to show how much of an extraordinary player she really is!

When talking about the Women’s World Cup, not mentioning Marta Vieira da Silva would be pretty much criminal. This Brazilian footballer plays for the Orlando Pride in the National Women's Soccer League and the Brazil national team (Selecao) as a forward. Given the nickname "Pelé in skirts" by the legend himself, Marta is often considered the best female player of all time. She holds the record for most goals scored at FIFA Women's World Cup tournaments, with 15 goals under her belt.

Having won the title of FIFA World Player of the Year for best player six consecutive years, it goes to show you what a top contender she truly is in the female footballers’ scene.

Memorable Match Moments

One of the famous moments in the history of the event was in the finals of 1999 Women's World Cup, during the penalty kicks between the United States and China. The American footballer Brandi Chastain scored the winning goal, and celebrated by taking off her jersey and waving it above her head!

Another memorable moment from the Women's World Cup TV was when Germany won the 2007 Women's World Cup against Brazil. Brazil was going strong, but Germany's rock-solid, impenetrable defence won them the game with a 2-0 in Germany's favour!

It's impossible to exclude football from being one of the most enduringly exciting live sports on TV, and that goes without saying; however, it would be very unfair for the extremely talented and passionate footballers of the Women's World Cup to be overshadowed by their male counterparts!

The Women's World Cup is quickly gaining traction as a popular and beloved sport on TV, as it very much well deserves! If you enjoy watching the World Cup on TV, why not give the lovely ladies of the Women's World Cup a chance? After all, what have you got to lose!